Jonga partners with Sigfox to secure local communities

SOUTH AFRICA, December 12th, 2019 – Jonga is a community-based security solution developed in South Africa. The security system consists of a motion sensor detector that upon intrusion sends an alert message to Jonga’s app. The device sends the alert message using the Sigfox 0G network operated by SqwidNet in South Africa. The user can then confirm the validity of the intrusion and should it be a valid alert, can alert their neighbours or local security. The device offers seamless installation and activation, without technical know-how and has been developed to provide low-income communities with increased security. 

Jonga was founded by Ntsako Mgiba after an incident occurred at his aunt’s house in Empucukweni – Witbank. Her home was one of six within the community to be broken the same night. None of the goods taken were ever recovered. The incident highlighted the unresponsiveness of police in low-income communities and their inability to protect their homes due to the high cost of security systems.

An affordable Crime prevention solution

The device uses an Iris Motion Sensor with a battery life of six months. The battery is rechargeable via USB. The user can activate the device remotely with Bluetooth through the Jonga mobile phone application. The Jonga device also has a siren to scare off the intruder. 

The South African developed solution is unique in that it provides an affordable solution for those communities across the African continent that need it most.  

Jonga has chosen an innovative approach to reach communities using an Agent Network which allows members of the communities to be ambassadors of the Jonga brand. This initiative will support the spread of the solution throughout South Africa. 

“Jonga is a successful illustration of the effort put by SqwidNet for the adoption of Sigfox technology in South Africa, while creating a dynamic and large ecosystem of start-ups, incubators and channel partners,” explains Nicolas Andrieu, Vice President Middle East and Africa at Sigfox. “This is also a concrete demonstration of the inclusive aspect of Sigfox, helping local start-ups to create jobs. The vision of Jonga will address a market that is common to many countries in Africa where Sigfox is present. Their success story in South Africa will certainly nurture other opportunities in those markets.”

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