1. Describe in a few words who you are, who’s your inspirational model, your project, and where and when you started your adventure?

Sencrop was founded in 2016 as part of Lille-based accelerator Euratechnologies. We are now a passionate team of 50 people dedicated to making a real impact in the agricultural sector. 

At Sencrop, we empower ALL farmers to make better decisions and reduce risk of crop failure, while maintaining a positive agro-environmental footprint.

Thanks to infield data (weather, crop, …) combined with third party data provider and agronomic services, we are able to deliver the best information at the right time to farmers while making it actionable.

I’m Michael Bruniaux and co-founded Sencrop with Martin Ducroquet. I love products and tech that have a positive impact. We are proud to help farmers every day.

My inspirational model? That’s a hard question – any short chat can be inspirational. Maybe Xavier Niel who is trying to put more French innovation on the global stage, move educational tech boundaries with 42 and build the biggest incubator in the world at STATION F. Also, Elon Musk who’s trying to change the world and Bill Gates for his commitment to a better planet.

2. Tell us about an anecdote linked to your professional path

I always wanted to be part of a project with a positive impact on health, social improvement, and the planet… maybe, with Sencrop and our commitment to help ALL farmers, we are at the crossroads of all these paths.

3. According to you, why and how will IoT change the world?

IoT will have huge impact on the reduction of waste: saving time, energy and stress.

Real-time and accurate information is helping to create a pool of precise historical data, which will help to better forecast and optimize actions.

IoT enables a kind of global real-time knowledge of monitored parameters; the world will have more objective information for decision making.

4. What is the craziest thing you’d like to accomplish this year?

Watch France win the final basket game at Tokyo 2020!

5. Could you sum up in one sentence what’s 0G and what it could bring in the future?

0G is the only way to have scalable – i.e. energy-efficient, open to all and boundaryless – knowledge of the planet and human activity.

More information on https://sencrop.com/ and contact@sencrop.com