What is Sigfox 0G Technology


Sigfox 0G technology is an Low-Power Wide-Area (LPWA) networking protocol owned by UnaBiz. It is designed to connect sensors and devices securely at low-cost in the most energy efficient way to enable Massive IoT. 

Since its inception in 2010, the 0G technology has been adopted by 70+ national 0G IoT Solution Providers globally. They own and commercialise the global 0G network in the respective countries they operate in.

Today, UnaBiz, the 0G IoT Solution Providers, and over 800+ ecosystem of IoT players (chip manufacturers, device makers, solution providers, system integrators) collaborate to provide the global 0G Network and Massive IoT solutions and services to over 1,500+ B2B customers, connecting over 11 million devices. 

UnaBiz is a global Massive IoT service provider & integrator that specialises in sensor product design, manufacturing, and data platform services across a hybrid of low-power wide area (LPWA) technologies such as Sigfox, LTE-M, NB-IoT and LoRaWAN, to power business growth. The company focuses on Utilities, Supply Chain & Logistics, Security and Facilities & Building Management.



Extremely low-energy consumption, allowing years of battery life.


No configuration, connection request or signaling. Your device is up and running in minutes!

Cost efficiency

From the hardware to the network, every step is optimised to be as cost-effective as possible.

Small messages

No large assets or media allowed on the network, only small notifications: up to 12 bytes.


Sigfox 0G technology can be used together with any other type of network, e.g.: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPRS, NB-IoT, LoraWAN…

The Sigfox 0G technology Device Library is Open

Putting your device on the 0G network

Getting your device to communicate using the Sigfox 0G technology is easy: everything you need is included. Subscription service is based on the number of devices you want to connect to the local 0G network.

If you have a device that communicates using other networks, check the requirements to see if it’s compatible with Sigfox 0G Technology. If not, please visit Sigfox Build to learn more about prototyping and certification for your device.

Subscribing to the 0G network

The global 0G network is managed by local 0G IoT Solution Providers.

Contracting with a local 0G IoT Solution Providers grants you access to the following:

-The Sigfox 0G Network locally

-The Sigfox Cloud, where you can see and manage all your devices on the network,

-The Sigfox support platform, available 24/7, for easy troubleshooting while you develop your product.

If you wish to learn more about how to access the Global 0G Network speak to your Local Provider.

You don’t know who your local 0G IoT Solution Provider is? Check out the coverage page!

The 0G Network was created to transmit lightweight messages (12 bytes, excluding payload headers).

The life-cycle of a Sigfox message is always the same:

A device wakes up and broadcasts a message using its radio antenna. Multiple base stations in the area will receive the message. The base stations then send the message to the Sigfox Cloud, and the  Sigfox Cloud eventually sends the message to the customer’s end platform. It’s that simple!

What is a “base station”? 

Base stations are local Sigfox 0G technology antennas, which receive messages from connected devices and forward them to the Sigfox Cloud. They are deployed in the field by local 0G IoT Solution Providers. 

They compose of three major elements:

1- An antenna, to receive messages over the air, usually deployed on high points or towers,

2- A LNA or LNAC (low-noise amplifier), to amplify the signal and filter noise,

3- An access point, which understands the Sigfox 0G technology messages and sends them to the Sigfox Cloud.

Once connected, they become part of the 0G public network and will listen in to all messages sent by Sigfox 0G technology enabled devices in the vicinity.

The 0G network is a public network, which means that devices rely on the existing infrastructure deployed through cities and countries by the local 0G IoT Solution Providers to communicate.
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In addition to our public connectivity offer, we have developed a range of solutions to cover all customers needs:

  • Connectivity-as-a-Service (CaaS): If you are located in a country with an existing 0G IoT Solution Provider but your area is not yet covered, you can rent Sigfox base stations. You can host your own access point and extend the Sigfox network in a simple, flexible, and cost-effective way. Please contact your local 0G IoT Solution Provider to access these offers.
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SDR Dongle: If you are a device maker located in an area where Sigfox is not yet present (and thus hard to work with), you can buy a Sigfox SDR Dongle. It allows you to locally emulate the Sigfox network, to try and test your devices.
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