WND UK to Accelerate Sigfox’s Internet of Things Network Roll-Out Across the UK

– WND-UK joins as a Sigfox Operator to accelerate UK roll out to deliver IoT connectivity to up to 95 per cent of the UK, including rural areas

– Arqiva continues to focus on its established network in the key urban areas

– WND will densify existing UK coverage and  cover the rest of the UK

​​​​​​​​​LABEGE, France, LONDON, UK, June 23, 2017 – Sigfox, the world’s leading provider of connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT), announces WND-UK joins the Sigfox Operator community, to accelerate national coverage of Sigfox’s dedicated IoT network to up to 95 per cent of the UK.

Sigfox’s network technology enables simple, low-powered, ultra-low-cost devices to wirelessly connect to the internet. Its network, currently present in more than 30 countries, is already being used across the UK in applications including smart metering, facilities management, and healthcare.

Arqiva, the UK network infrastructure company, has been a UK Sigfox Operator (SO) since 2014, focusing on delivering IoT connectivity in the country’s most populated urban areas. As a SO, Arqiva acts as a distributor for Sigfox’s network connectivity.Today, through Arqiva, Sigfox’s network already covers 30 percent of the UK population across 11 major cities including Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, London, Manchester, and Sheffield.

To complete network coverage in the UK, Sigfox has also been working with WND-UK – who joins as a UK SO. WND UK has already begun its deployment and is on track to reach up to 95 percent of the UK population by 2019. The company is a subsidiary of WND, a long-standing regional partner for Latin America. WND already delivers Sigfox connectivity in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and soon Argentina.

Arqiva will continue to service its existing network infrastructure and WND-UK will deploy, operate and maintain a nationwide network, as well as develop Sigfox’s services. Both networks are fully interoperable for Arqiva and WND UK’s customers and will enable new applications in areas such as smart logistics, asset tracking, and facilities management.

About WND

WND is deploying the Sigfox global network in Latin America to address the demand for low-cost, low-power IoT connectivity. Its business model combines its extensive knowledge of telco-grade deployments with disruptive techniques that are highly adaptable to Sigfox’s connectivity solution. This allows WND to deploy the network rapidly and cost-effectively across multiple countries, relying on local partners such as WND Brazil and IotNet Mexico. For more information, see www.wnetdev.com

About Arqiva:

Arqiva is a leading UK communications infrastructure and media services provider dedicated to connecting people wherever they are through the delivery of TV, radio, mobile and the Internet of Things (IoT). We are an independent provider of telecom towers, with circa 8,000 active sites (including contractual options) across Great Britain, and are also the only supplier of national terrestrial television and radio broadcasting services in the UK. Our advanced networks support the exponential growth of connected devices and the ever-increasing demand for data from smartphones to tablets, connected TVs, smart meters, cars and medical devices.

Customers include major UK and international broadcasters such as the BBC, ITV, Sky, Turner Broadcasting, the independent radio groups, major telco providers – including the UK’s four mobile network operators – and retail, energy, and water companies.