Raouti Chehih Joins Sigfox as New Head of Adoption and Tech Evangelisation

Sigfox announced the arrival of Raouti Chehih as their new Head of Adoption and Tech Evangelisation. 

The Adoption and Tech Evangelisation Department drives the democratisation of Sigfox’ technology among developers and startups, which play a key role in the emergence of tomorrow’s applications and uses. Chehih’s mission will be to keep up this momentum, and spearhead Sigfox’ support, both from a technological and business standpoint. He will supervise a team that has already been very active through the Sigfox Makers Tour, which is a series of workshops and bootcamps organised around the world, and an international start-up program.

Raouti, will report directly to Ludovic Le Moan, co-founder and CEO of Sigfox. He will also maintain his position as Chairman of the Strategic Board and Chief Executive Officer of EuraTechnologies.

“Raouti managed to create one of the largest startup ecosystems in France with EuraTechnologies, thanks to his listening skills, pragmatism and values, which should be at the core of companies like Sigfox and the thousands of IoT startups which will develop with Sigfox. EuraTechnologies’ reach spans well beyond the Lille area. The same goes for our ambitions to create a global Sigfox incubator to consolidate all initiatives” says Ludovic Le Moan, co-founder and CEO of Sigfox.

“I’ve always wanted to get involved in a fast-growing startup. It’s part of my DNA to convince people that meaningful changes and disruption are within our reach. With a clear vision, the right technology, and talents, we can achieve great things. That’s what I’ve been telling startups over the past ten years. When Ludovic asked me to join the Sigfox adventure, I didn’t think twice” added Raouti Chehih.

Born in 1971, Raouti Chehih joined EuraTechnologies as Head of Strategy in 2003. He then became CEO in 2009 and Chairman of the Strategic Board in 2016. In 2011, Raouti designed a unique program with Stanford University which trained over 150 entrepreneurs on how to monetize their innovations. Raouti Chehih studied urban planning, as well as Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Stanford University (SCPD).