1) Tell us a little about yourself and your company.

Stockare is a startup that was created to provide technology solutions to industrial companies. We realized that the wider technology sector operates at a much faster pace than the industrial/manufacturing sector and in our interactions with industrial companies, we have witnessed outdated ways of working.

Based on our technology expertise, we can help these industrial companies through their digitalization process, especially where industrial assets are used inefficiently; excess time and effort is wasted managing them and manual processes can be automated within a month. We can help this to change.

2) What problem does your solution solve?

At Stockare we locate and trace any asset to give real-time visibility. We are particularly focused on the logistics of returnable assets, as we have realized that many assets, such as returnable containers, pallets or trolleys, often go one way, but never return.

This is a problem that many companies have emphasized when talking to us. Their current solution is to buy more assets at the end of the year and this becomes very costly. Giving real-time visibility not only enables asset tracking, but establishes where an asset was lost. Ultimately, the management of those assets becomes much easier when you know where they are.

3) What kind of ROI does your solution offer to customers?

  • Logistics improvement, reducing unnecessary stock and avoiding unnecessary replacements.
  • Inventory optimization
  • Financial and operations savings due to optimized stock and provisioning
  • Cost and time reduction when looking for goods
  • Guarantee traceability
  • Know goods status avoiding wastage and losses.

4) What is the most important thing about using Sigfox 0G network?

Sigfox provides us with two very specific advantages which are very closely related. The 0G network provides location services (Sigfox Atlas) without adding any electronic components. Without any extra components, the battery lasts longer. Our tracker can last for more than 15 years sending two messages per day. We believe there is no other tracker in the market with that capability.

5) What’s next for Stockare?

Some customers are asking to improve the tracking of their assets and we are working on improving the accuracy by a 5 meter-error indoors, so that we can map the assets indoors and outdoors.

This is leading us to build digital-twins of the industrial companies in real-time. Additionally, the more trackers installed the more data we generate, and in that sense we are now working on a Machine Learning solution to anticipate the situations and alert the customer in advance.

Use cases

Supply chain & Logistics