We are happy & proud to welcome our first Sigfox Ambassador in South-East Asia : Hafeiz Hassan, the co-founder of in Malaysia.

This program is putting forward some of the best and independant Sigfox experts, be in the embedded systems part and/or on the Cloud application side.

In this short interview, you will get to know Hafeiz better

Hello Hafeiz, can you tell us a few words about yourself?

I’m Hafeiz, CEO and co-founder of SAT.Asia.

I am an aerospace engineer by training and practice with over 18 years experience in the industry. I speak English and Malay.

What was your first experience with Sigfox?

My first experience with Sigfox was in 2018 through Xperanti (the Sigfox Operator in Malaysia).

We were approached by an airport ground handling company for an asset tracking solution. We delivered the POC successfully within short period and I was convinced of the potential of the solution.

Working with our partners in Malaysia we were able to roll out a number of specific solutions based on SaaS concept. We have been invited to be part of Malaysian Government Task Force to modernise the agriculture practice, selected by state government to deliver affordable IoT solution, delivered multiple successful POCs for Port Operators, logistic operators and integrated F&B operators.

What are you plans for 2020?

Our immediate plan is to deliver on our existing projects and increase the take-up rate of Sigfox connections.

To achieve this we look to work with our partners and strengthen the eco-system in Malaysia.
We are very transparent in our go-to-market strategy with our partners and we have a good framework in place.
We will continue working with the key decision makers in the government to ensure zero-g technology is included in the country digitalisation roadmap.

Talent acquisition and development are also important and we will start working with institute of higher learning to address this issue.

Personally, I look forward to exchange ideas and collaborate with other Sigfox leaders and ambassadors.