We are happy to welcome three new members in the Sigfox Ambassadors program: Tiyani Nghonyama, Maria Hernandez & Tiger Ko.

The Sigfox Ambassadors program is here to put forward some of the best and independant Sigfox experts, be in the embedded systems part and/or on the cloud application side.

Sigfox Ambassadors reunion during Sigfox Connect 2019 in Singapore

From building Sigfox solutions to teaching in universities, all of them are great at sharing their knowledge and expertise about Sigfox and promote the benefits a 0G network can bring. You can rely on them to give conferences and run workshops about IoT. But more importantly, they form a vibrant community !

Most of them traveled to Singapore in Nov.2019 for the annual Sigfox Connect conference. Some as visitors, some as exhibitors or speakers.

Based in 10 countries over 5 continents, they are key to the Sigfox community. Either by their own achievements in building their own products or companies, or by the support they are providing to the local communities.

If you want to reccommend someone to the program, please use this online form.

In the following interviews, you’ll learn more about Maria, Tiyani and Tiger, their background, their experience with Sigfox .. and their expectations for 2020!