Groupe Traqueur and Sigfox Partner to Roll-Out New Solution to Transform European “Track and Trace” Market

Sigfox and GROUPE TRAQUEUR strengthens partnership to rapidly deploy B2B IoT applications across Europe.

The deal will roll-out TRAQUEUR NANO beacons on Sigfox network across Europe for various businesses such as freight, rail transport, construction industry and logistics.

Groupe TRAQUEUR, a leading provider of anti-theft devices for the automotive industry in France, has struck a new deal with Sigfox to roll-out its TRAQUEUR NANO beacons across Europe. This builds upon its existing partnership to develop and deliver solutions to the B2B “Track and Trace” market.

The TRAQUEUR NANO* is the first autonomous beacon to protect mobile assets and objects. It is designed to track any moveable object where monitoring and surveillance is beneficial. NANO was developed following many years of development by Groupe TRAQUEUR in partnership with dedicated global communications service provider for the Internet of Things, Sigfox.

Launched in 2015, NANO is set to create new opportunities in the “Track and Trace” market. The beacon enables Groupe TRAQUEUR to expand its activities beyond the automotive sector, and into sectors such as the location and securing of trailers, railway wagons, agricultural skips and construction site sheds.

The simplicity of Sigfox’s technology significantly reduces the complexity of required components to connect objects, meaning NANO can be offered at a low cost to B2B customers.

Additionally, by using Sigfox’s Internet of Things connectivity, Groupe TRAQUEUR upgrades various key aspects of mobile assets’ tracking, including the predictability and the very low energy consumption of beacons, economic feasibility, and the deployment at international level.

The Sigfox network is currently present in 32 countries, 12 of which with nationwide coverage, including France and Spain – the first European markets of Groupe TRAQUEUR. In Germany, the network is currently covering 50% of the territory and should be available at national level at the end of 2017.

The whole offer of Groupe TRAQUEUR includes:

– Its technical competence in exploiting cellular boxes as well as radio boxes,

– The supply of radio boxes TRAQUEUR NANO, produced by Groupe TRAQUEUR since 2015,

– Its data mining platforms ‘e-Manager’ and ‘Ouetelle’ (professional and mobile),

– Its engineering capacity for the development of specific applications in targeted professions, the provision of structured data through solutions such as web services,

– A European network of call centers (24h per day, seven days a week) and qualified investigators in finding and getting back stolen assets.

« In the next 3 years, over 80 billion mobile assets will be connected around the world and in all sectors. Not only in the automotive industry, but also in construction, medical, transport and logistics sector. In these markets, as in the automotive one, the need for tracking, data management and asset securing are significant. Volumes in these markets can be substantial and the service value is as paramount to the development of these industries as it is for connected cars » explains Stéphane ROUSSIER, President of Groupe TRAQUEUR«Apart from its engineering competences in various sectors, Group TRAQUEUR is one of the very few integrators of IoT solutions that has mastered for a long time a combination of both GPRS and radio technologies. Our development scope has reached a European dimension in two ways, on the one hand because of the needs of our major clients and on the other hand because of the maturity of the various businesses which appear to be, in our opinion, the « early adopters » of B2B IoT, probably because their direct ROI are the most obvious. When it comes to tracking application, involving thousands of connections, low volumes of data and high operational costs, Sigfox is the most advanced technical solution in Europe to date and this partnership is essential to our European deployment. »  

« We are pleased to support Groupe TRAQUEUR in its strategy of international development and to contribute to strengthening its position as an innovative company in the countries where we are already present », said Patrick CASON, Sigfox Commercial Director in France. « We offer to Groupe TRAQUEUR’s major clients a powerful business model which is based on a single connectivity contract, without roaming, and with a consistent quality of service wherever the network is deployed. »