Belgian Startup Sensolus Wins Major Contract with Airbus for the Launch of Their IoT Services

GHENT, BELGIUM, April 10, 2017

After a long and in-depth study of the Internet-of-Things (IoT) metering and tracking services, Airbus selected the STICKNTRACK geo-localisation and asset tracking services from SENSOLUS in order to optimise its supply chain. With this choice, Airbus joins the growing list of companies implementing IoT functionalities into their operational processes.

Thanks to STICKNTRACK, Airbus can now follow-up on thousands of recyclable packages in real-time as they transit through various warehouses and international departments. These packages contain spare airplane parts and serve as an integral link in the supply chain. By integrating the Airbus IoT platform with the STICKNTRACK platform, Airbus is able to manage and optimise the logistics activities for the entire group. The natural evolution of this implementation is the integration of the “Extended Enterprise” concept into the services provided by all Airbus logistics partners.

Concerning its choice of STICKNTRACK, Airbus representatives stated:

“The SENSOLUS geo-localisation solution is the most advanced and energy-efficient option to date. The system’s maturity and on-board intelligence ultimately won us over.”

SENSOLUS allows companies to intelligently manage their assets. The SENSOLUS STICKNTRACK asset management service is internationally recognised as being extremely energy-efficient, easy to install, operationally scalable, and highly reliable in industrial environments. This is achieved by optimally combining the STICKNTRACK geo-localisation solution to the SIGFOX IoT connectivity and global network. SIGFOX recently raised a record 150M euros to accelerate its global network rollout and be present in more than 60 countries by the end of 2018.

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