Harness the power of data to move on to Industry 4.0 .

Sigfox-ready IoT solutions help the manufacturing sector streamline operations, cut costs, and gain new insights into all your assets. Keep track of facility-wide metrics in real time and remotely monitor everything from tank levels, to consumption data, to backup power sources. Plug-and-play IoT devices pair seamlessly with existing equipment for a solution that is affordable, flexible and easier to use than ever before.

Optimize your processes with digitization
Monitor all your equipments with simple to install wireless IoT devices sensing pressure, vibration, 3D tilt, temperature, humidity, switches, openings, battery charge, voltage, leaks, ... to make better predictive maintenance and optimise your operations.
smart engineering
Insights into the integrity of facility infrastructure
Wireless IoT devices can constantly monitor cracks, extensions or strain gauges on key structural elements to prevent extensive structural damage and help engineers better predict and plan building improvements.
Notification when tanks are running low
IoT devices save time spent on manual checks and provides precise fill level measurements for tanks and silos. Accurate monitoring lets you anticipate refills in a predictive and timely manner.
smart utilities
Collect consumption data effortlessly
Put an end to time and money spent on meter readings and manual data processing. Once activated, smart -wirelessly connected- meters transmit data over the Sigfox public network, and run for years on the same battery.
battery level
Monitor back-up power sources
With Sigfox-enabled IoT sensor you can easily remotely monitor the charge level of any industrial back up batteries as well as small equipment eg. smoke alarms batteries.
employee attendance
Monitor employee attendance remotely
Easily install and maintain Tap-in/Tap-out Sigfox-ready readers (coupled with simple NFC cards) allow employers to monitor the attendance of workers, contractors and cleaners on remote job sites.


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