Discover how the Sigfox 0G network makes things come alive all over the world.

The future of monitoring

In the first episode of 0G World, Rasmus Uhre, Product Manager at the Danish company Sensohive, gave Marion Moreau, head of the Sigfox Foundation, a tour of some Sensohive’s achievements in cutting-edge sensor technology. In Copenhagen, food and concrete are giving us a foretaste of how billions of objects will soon share their data from anywhere in the world.

At one of Copenhagen’s state-of-the-art food storage facilities, the Sigfox 0G network is revolutionizing temperature monitoring. Temperature is a crucial factor when it comes to the safety of what we put in our mouths. Before, it was manually checked and written down, but in these storage units, Sensohive’s sensors automatically measure it. Every half hour, thanks to Sigfox 0G connectivity, this data is directly sent to eSmiley, the giant Nordic food safety company, with more than 10.000 clients. The food’s temperature is followed during its entire journey, from the fields where it was harvested to the restaurants where it will be eaten.

Danish buildings are also being profoundly changed by the 0G revolution. Sensohive sensors with 0G technology are being directly cast into concrete. The result: true remoteness. Now, the state of concrete can be followed by construction companies in real-time from anywhere in the world.