Smart Utility Meters Help Households Make Better Choices About Water Conservation

Customers Can Now See Daily Water Use, Thanks to Sigfox’s IoT Technology Imagine if utility customers had daily access to information about their household water use. What a difference that would make for water conservation. We know that informed customers make more environmentally conscious decisions, but the cost of onsite meter readings prohibit utility companies … Read more

Next Generation of Wireless Alarms Combats Rising Theft at Commercial Construction Sites

The construction industry turns to smart alarms, powered by Sigfox’s IoT network, for flexible protection that is changing the face of jobsite security. If you work in commercial construction, chances are you’ve dealt with theft at one of your jobsites. This growing problem costs the construction industry billions of dollars each year in replacement costs and project delays.   … Read more

Universal Declaration of IoT Rights

We have a vision that one day, everything around us will have a “voice” through IoT connectivity. Through this voice, everyday objects will contribute to our societal, economic, and environmental development. Yet to achieve this vision, every connected object must be free from corruption, have the right to dignity, equality, and privacy. In short, every object … Read more