Smart Utility Meters Help Households Make Better Choices About Water Conservation

Customers Can Now See Daily Water Use, Thanks to Sigfox’s IoT Technology

Imagine if utility customers had daily access to information about their household water use. What a difference that would make for water conservation. We know that informed customers make more environmentally conscious decisions, but the cost of onsite meter readings prohibit utility companies from gathering water usage information more than periodically. Because of this, it is very difficult for companies to keep their utility customers well informed.

Enter the smart utility meter. Thanks to advances in IoT technology, utility companies around the world are installing smart water meters and giving customers the tools they need to make better choices about water conservation.

Sigfox’s IoT Network Delivers Water Usage Data to Customer Dashboards

As utility companies like Water-link in Antwerp and Sogedo in France install smart water meters across their networks, they are beginning to see how this new technology helps customers participate in water conservation. Instead of periodic onsite meter readings, smart utility meters transmit real-time information across Sigfox’s global IoT network. This information is stored on a secure cloud and automatically delivered to utility customers in the form of customized dashboards.

When customers have easy access to information about their household water use, they are more likely to make smart decisions about that use. Questions like “How much water do I use when I water my garden?” or “Does a shower really conserve water compared to a bath?” are put into perspective when day-to-day information is available at their fingertips.

Transparent Water Bills Inform Customers and Improve Customer Satisfaction

As an added benefit, utility companies that use smart meters for their water management have seen an improvement in customer satisfaction. With real-time data readily available, companies provide more transparent water bills, eliminating the surprise and dissatisfaction that comes with large bill regularizations. They can also proactively notify customers about leaks or pipe bursts, and more promptly respond to customer’s questions about their personal water usage.

Upgrading to smart water meters has become an easy choice for many utility companies, including several who have done so on a large scale. Advances in smart city technology, combined with Sigfox’s global IoT network, provide a low-cost option with few barriers to deployment. Companies across the globe are upgrading smoothly and reaping the benefits of smart utility technology.

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