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Big data is having a huge impact on cities, but the right data is having an even more powerful effect. One shining example of this is IoT Denmark, the exclusive Sigfox operator in Denmark and responsible for the Danish Sigfox 0G network coverage.

Mikkel Daa Hansen, Sales & Marketing Director, helped Marion Moreau, Director of Sigfox Foundation, better understand how data makes our cities smarter. Thanks to his company, 0G technology is helping Danish cities use the right data in countless new ways, from detecting defects in buildings to garbage collection. Their 0G sensors are popping up at every street corner.

The list of their urban accomplishments seems endless, but it’s paramount to keep in mind that this is only the tip of the iceberg, there are so many other applications that haven’t been imagined yet.

One Danish company, the DOLL Living Lab, is entirely dedicated to finding innovative 0G applications for tomorrow’s smart and connected cities. Its Chief Technology Officer, Kim Brostrøm, is continually testing and exploring new ways of implementing 0G technology in urban spaces. DOLL stands for the Danish Outdoor Lighting Lab, and they’ve shown that the energy consumption of the outdoor lighting in their name can be reduced by up to 80%. They’re putting considerable efforts into every nook and cranny of our cities, from waste management to autonomous buses.

In Denmark and all over in the world, there are still countless areas of our cities, where the right data to apply 0G still needs to be found. These two companies remind us that the urban potential of 0G technology is still wide open and brighter than ever.

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