Smart Cities


Take advantage of Sigfox’s reliable and secure network to connect your operations citywide. From air quality monitoring, to connected fire hydrants, to smart bins, to… Cities, large and small, can experience and deploy leaner, more cost effective Sigfox-enabled IoT solutions with strong return on investment.

smart parking
Locating available parking spots in real time
with simple to install ground sensors
bike location
Improved bike sharing services
with low cost geolocation and battery level alerts
AED health
Ensuring public defibrillators are in order
Battery is working and send alerts to emergency services when in use
air quality monitoring
Increase the monitoring of air quality and urban urban heat island effect
to obtain more data points to review and improve liveability of your city
smart waste management
Optimized collection routes of smart bins
reducing your costs and improving the image of your city in the process.
fire hydrants monitoring
Fire hydrants: monitoring potential issues
IoT sensors can detect leaks, pressure and temperature below 0C
water quality
Monitoring of water facilities and floods
to help maintenance crew efficiency and prevent overflows
soil monitoring
Monitor soil moisture of public gardens, sportsfield and trees
optimising water usage and labor cost
smart light
Monitoring and maintaining street lighting networks
remotely control light intensity and predictive maintenance
building engineering
Insights into the integrity of engineering structures
Monitor cracks, extensions or strain gauges to better predict and plan improvements

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