London, United Kingdom – November 1st, 2018 – Today WNDUK, in partnership with Sigfox, the world’s leading IoT service provider, reached a key coverage milestone, with 1,000 base stations installed, connecting over three quarters of the UK’s population.

WNDUK is Sigfox’s sole network operator in the UK, enabling deployment of industry-leading IoT connectivity across the country, including the main population centres and key logistics hubs.

Our exclusive partnership with Sigfox underpins a significant boost in the quality and breadth of LPWAN IoT coverage across the UK,” says Tim Harris, CEO of WNDUK.

We’re delighted to announce that we have now installed 1,000 base stations. Our network has grown at an unprecedented rate since March. It’s by far the largest, and the only viable & credible, nationwide Low Power Wide Area Network in the UK. We will continue to enhance coverage and complete the network rollout in the coming months, with 2,000 base stations reaching 95% of the nation’s population.

WNDUK is also working closely with Digital Catapult, who are promoting development and the early adoption of advanced digital technology. Joint projects include the siting of over 100 Sigfox base stations in London, along the South Coast, in the North East of England and Northern Ireland. As well as activating Sigfox devices on the Things Connected LPWAN programme.

For WNDUK’s 86 channel partners and their customer base, this growth underpins the advancement of cost saving, efficiency-driving and disruptive IoT applications across all sectors, including utilities, asset tracking, agriculture, facilities management, building automation and logistics & supply chain management.

This is an important milestone, achieved in a remarkably short timescale, and a significant addition to Sigfox’s rapidly growing global LPWAN IoT coverage footprint” says Kevin Maher, Sigfox Country Director for UK & Ireland.

About Sigfox

Sigfox is the world’s leading IoT service provider thanks to its global network that connects billions of devices to the Internet while consuming as little energy as possible, as simply as possible. Sigfox’s unique approach to device-to-cloud communications addresses the three greatest barriers to global IoT adoption: cost, energy consumption, and global scalability.

Today, the network is present in 53 countries and on track to cover 60 by 2018. With millions of objects connected and a rapidly growing partner ecosystem, Sigfox empowers companies to move their business model towards more digital services. Founded in 2010 by Ludovic Le Moan and Christophe Fourtet, the company is headquartered in Labège near Toulouse, France’s “IoT Valley”. Sigfox also has offices in Paris, Madrid, Munich, Boston, San Francisco, Dubai, Singapore, Sao Paulo and Tokyo.


WNDUK is the UK’s sole Sigfox network operator with a strong track record in the global telecoms and electronics industries.

It is also part of a worldwide group of companies rolling out Sigfox networks in 11 countries across LatAm and the UK.

Since the launch of its UK operation in March 2017, the operator is already providing coverage to more than 78% of the UK’s population, with over 1,000 base station installations across the UK.

WND UK will meet the anticipated massive growth in the huge number of IoT-enabled devices over the next few years through its dynamic rollout strategy and is committed to achieving 95% of the UK population coverage in 2019.

Sigfox is the world’s first dedicated low-power wide-area network communications service for the IoT, capable of providing reliable and affordable network solutions for devices that require very little power.

WND UK’s growing ecosystem of channel partners provides logistics support and installation services helping to accelerate deployment of the UK network. Partners operate across all industry sectors and provide IoT solutions for an enormous range of applications.

If you’d like to know more about how to join WNDUK’s growing channel partner programme, or for further information about the UK Sigfox LPWAN network, please contact WNDUK on 01844 318220 or email :  commercial-uk@wndgroup.io