WND Mexico Strengthens its Future in IoT with Strategic Investment from Luis Javier Castro

WND Mexico, the pioneer and exclusive operator of Sigfox 0G technology in Mexico, is pleased to announce that Luis Javier Castro, the founder and CEO of Mesoamerica Investments, has invested inthe company. Castro is an entrepreneur and activist, widely recognized for his  impact investments in Latin America. The capital injection marks a milestone in the evolution of WND Mexico and reinforces its leadership in the Internet of Things (IoT) market.

“We are honored to have Luis Javier Castro join us as a strategic investor and advisor. His extensive experience and commitment to sustainability perfectly complement our mission to connect the real world and generate valuable data,” said Daniel Philippe Guevara, Director General of WND Mexico.

A Businessman Committed to Sustainability

Named the Top 500 Most Influencial People of Latin America in 2023, Luis Javier Castro is the founder and CEO of Mesoamerica Investments, from where he has led investments in Latin America for the past 25 years in fields such as renewable energy, telecommunications, restaurants, and the dairy industry, among others, with world-class partners such as OTPP, ACTIS, Bain Capital and large business groups in the region. Luis Javier is a member of the Board of Directors of the Bogotá Energy Group and Codensa, as well as of different companies in the Mesoamerican portfolio. He founded Yo Emprendedor, an NGO dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship in Central America, where more than 6 thousand entrepreneurs have benefited from his programs. He is president emeritus of AED (Business Alliance for Development).

In addition, Castro is a fellow of the Aspen Institute and a member of various international organizations and committees, including the Tate Modern procurement committee. He is currently a member of the Board of Directors of United Way Worldwide, the largest NGO in the world, and of the G50 group. Because of his business career, El Financiero has twice named him Businessman of the Year, being highlighted for his efforts to promote conscious capitalism.

At the end of 2020, Luis Javier founded Alejandría, a company to build an educated, connected, and empowered society.

Henri Bong – UnaBiz, Daniel Guevara – WND Mexico, & Luis Javier Castro
Luis Javier Castro

WND Mexico: Connecting IoT with Energy Efficiency

Founded in 2016, WND Mexico has pioneered deploying Sigfox 0G technology in Mexico, covering a significant part of the Mexican population. With innovative agreements for the implementation of antennas and a network that connects more than 320,000 CFE electrical meters, in addition to numerous water and gas meters, WND Mexico is emerging as a major player in the emerging IoT ecosystem in Mexico.

Its adoption of efficient Sigfox 0G technology, which is ideal for battery-powered devices, provides customers with a reliable and secure connectivity platform, boosting process optimization and decision-making based on real-time data.

A New Chapter of Sustainable Growth

The addition of Luis Javier Castro to WND Mexico generates a new wave of opportunities for its growth and expansion nationally and internationally. This event marks the beginning of an exciting phase in the company’s journey, promising sustainable and significant growth in the future.

In short, the collaboration between Luis Javier Castro and WND Mexico symbolizes the convergence of the business vision committed to sustainability and technological innovation in the field of IoT. Together, they are ready to play a crucial role in shaping the future of connectivity and data generation in Mexico and beyond.