Benefits of Tracking Shipping Containers

Today, there is a lack of reliability in monitoring intercontinental sea-freight flows. On average, one intercontinental shipment involves 200 interactions and more than 20 different players – freight-forwarders, in-land transportation companies, port handlers, consignees, customs, shipping lines, ship-owners, marine insurers, etc. In this context, shippers often complain about the difficulty in getting real-time visibility of their sea container shipments and they have no real guarantees about storage and transport conditions.

A solution to these problems is to use IoT trackers to track sea-freight containers in real-time. The shipper places sensors in the container during the loading process. They enable real-time geo-localization from the departure warehouse to the final warehouse, including all transit ports. They also detect when the container is unloaded on arrival at the port, and the onward transportation conditions.