Executive Summary

  • Industrial organizations, water management companies, and agriculture businesses face enormous challenges when it comes to monitoring tank levels
  • The current solutions are either expensive, time-wasting or ineffective. This means organizations often run out of stock
  • The IoT enables remote and accurate monitoring of tank levels in a cost-effective solution
  • Sigfox’s partners are helping companies reduce costs, optimize stock, reduce emissions and improve service.

Storage tanks and silos are a crucial part of many industries. From water management companies who need to store chemicals used to treat wastewater and farms that need to store wheat grain and feed, to industrial plants storing raw materials such as coal, wood and minerals, convenient storage is a huge aspect of their business. Even suppliers to these companies need storage facilities in order to deliver goods to their clients. Storage facilities are only useful if companies are able to accurately monitor the stock levels. For most of these companies, the only current solution are manual checks that are time consuming and ineffective. This means companies routinely run out of stock. What these industries need is a way to remotely monitor stock levels without wasting man hours doing it by hand. What they need is a smart IoT solution. Using the long range Sigfox radio network, several leading IoT organizations have developed the solution these companies desperately need.

Who Needs Help Monitoring Tank Levels?

When companies rely on manual checks or other ineffective monitoring methods, challenges and risks quickly mount up. Without a clear grasp of their inventory levels, these companies can suddenly run out of important stock. For some of these organizations, such as water management companies, running out of stock can be incredibly dangerous for customers and for the health of the business. When manual checks are carried out, they are incredibly time consuming. This is time that employees could spend more effectively elsewhere on work that helps push the organization forward.

In situations where suppliers are responsible for stock levels of off-site clients, the challenges are even higher. Round trips to monitor levels in person can be incredibly expensive, especially if every stock levels of every client need to be monitored on a weekly basis. If stock runs out at any client, emergency deliveries need to be carried out instantly. These aren’t just logistically difficult to arrange, they are also incredibly expensive. And the longer clients go without key stock the less likely suppliers are to have their contracts renewed.

Get Real Time Insight Into Consumption Patterns and Refill Levels with IoT Devices

By entering the smart age, these companies can now get the storage monitoring solutions they need. An IoT monitoring device, connected to the Sigfox global network, provides real- time visibility of tank levels. Data on the levels are sent over the Sigfox network to a cloud- based platform that can be accessed from any device and from any location. Through the data analytics provided by the app, companies can determine consumption patterns and anticipate refill schedules.

IoT-Powered Remote Tank Monitoring Solutions Save Time and Money, Keeping Stocks at Optimum Levels

Reduce costs

Remote monitoring can reduce logistics costs by 20% to 30% and avoid additional costs of dry runs and emergency deliveries. It can also reduce monitoring costs and overall management costs

Improve service

By reducing instances of low or no stock, companies, especially suppliers, can significantly improve their service levels, earning repeat business and new referrals.

Optimize stock costs

When expensive emergency deliveries are reduced and stock levels are kept stable, associated costs can be optimized.

Reduce CO2 emissions

With less manual checks needed, fewer emergency deliveries required and better route planning, companies can significantly reduce the amount of time trucks spend on the road, thereby reducing their carbon footprint.