1) Tell us a little about yourself and your company.

Small Data Garden is a Finland based growth company delivering smart IOTSU® devices and solutions. Our team has as passion to make it easy and affordable to connect any everyday object to the internet. With our IoT solutions we want to ensure peace of mind to our customers.

We want to be a strong player for our partners and customers in developing tracking and transparency in logistics, and in ensuring healthier air in buildings. Our IOTSU® Flexi brings a new industry standard for scalable tracking.

2) What problem does your solution solve?

Our latest innovation, IOTSU® Flexi is a smart plaster like long range node which can easily be integrated to all kinds of surfaces and objects. The node is scalable and can measure acceleration, orientation, position, temperature, and other parameters.

IOTSU® Flexi is thin and bendable. This allows to attach the IoT device to all kind of surfaces and will open a new era to scale up parcel management and other logistics tracking solutions.

3) What kind of ROI does your solution offer to customers?

IOTSU® Flexi makes IoT tracking easy, scalable, cost-efficient and provides more value than other solutions.  It enables fast reaction to possible problems and delays and prevents failures.

IOTSU® Flexi tracking solution enhances the transparency and quality of logistics and parcel information. It also saves money by giving accurate information and cutting down searching and waiting times in the logistic chain.

4) How having a flexible design make a difference on the market

It scales up the market opportunities in a considerable way. Because of the size and the form factor tens or hundreds of billions of devices instead of a limited number of devices can be connected to Internet.

5) What is the most important thing in using Sigfox 0G network?

It’s the global approach to easily use Sigfox 0G everywhere.

6) What’s next for Small Data Garden?

We haven’t yet seen the limits of device size and capabilities to add value. We have the passion to make IoT solutions stronger and better scalable and our team works constantly on new groundbreaking solutions.

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