Berlin, Germany – October 25th, 2018 – Today at Connect, its big annual event dedicated to IoT, Sigfox, the world’s leading IoT service provider, launched a connected Bubble to track assets worldwide. Bubbles are small devices which can be placed anywhere in a matter of seconds. A Bubble is a transmitter and its radio range defines its radius.

These devices are managed by Sigfox’s Network Operating Center and are accurately located during installation. Battery level, removal and temperature of these devices is controlled using Sigfox’s connectivity. By managing the emission power, Sigfox Cloud adapts the range of the Bubble, from less than one meter to a hundred meters, improving the accuracy of the device’s location. That way, when a Sigfox device enters the range of a Bubble, it sends the Bubble’s ID to the Cloud along with its own identification. As they cross Bubbles, assets are located with high accuracy.  

Sigfox introduces its Bubble to deliver a brand-new experience for location services. Based on advanced radio technology, tags will benefit from high autonomy at a very affordable price. The devices’ DNA will reduce costs.

With this in mind, Sigfox and Amadeus, have decided to jointly explore use cases where IoT technology could solve some of the challenges faced by travellers throughout their journeys.

Marion MESNAGE, head of Research, Innovation & Ventures at Amadeus, said, “We are thrilled to join forces with Sigfox to look at innovative IoT use cases for the travel industry. Sigfox’s expertise in IoT technology combined with Amadeus’ understanding of the travel sector, will allow us to explore the potential of this innovative technology and improve the travel experience.

Raouti Chehih, Chief Adoption Officer at Sigfox, said, “The Bubble is a great example where our technology can address a real-world challenge. Not only will this improve customer experience, but there are real opportunities to fully transform the business by building new services over the Bubble solution.

Another area where the Bubbles could help are smart cities. By placing affordable tags in children’s backpacks or in pets’ collars, Sigfox can help when it comes to children’s safety or recovery of lost pets.

These small devices can also easily help automate inventories: by installing some Bubbles in warehouses and activating them to count items.

Sigfox is going to offer the possibility of purchasing Bubble online to democratize location-based services while opening a new space for creativity. Sharing economy will for sure leverage this brand-new location service.