Sigfox Ecosystem is Growing Up: Check Out Our Latest Incubator and VC Partners

We are happy to introduce new awesome partners which have just joined our premium program for incubator and VC partnerships.

We team with Techstars (Global), Partech Shaker, Osaka Innovation Hub, African Startup Forum, Industrio, WeXelerate and EiTESAL Business Nurturing Initiative to give their IoT startups the best support they need to succeed.

In concrete terms, we bring free material to let startups test Sigfox easily but also IoT expertise, business and technical training to support their development. We undertake co-marketing and co-selling actions to facilitate and fast-track their Go-To-Market.


Techstars is the worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed by making connections and accessing resources they need.

Location: United States (Boulder)


The Partech Shaker is a startup campus designed for tech companies from all over the world. Launched in 2014 by global tech investment fund Partech, it welcomes startups and scaleups, backed or not by Partech, in a nine-story building in the heart of Paris. Since 2016, its solution Europe Made Easy has helped non-French tech companies conquer the European or French markets, from Paris. Location: Paris


OIH operates as a hub, bringing together – entrepreneurs, investors, major corporations, and universities. They hold 250 events a year such as: hackathons, pitch events, and workshops, to give people an opportunity to connect with each other. Their mission is to support startups and people who want to change the world through innovative thinking – by making Osaka, their global gateway. Location: Osaka


AFRICAN STARTUP FORUM is the centre of promotion and assistance to start-ups, incubators and investors operating in Africa. AFRICAN STARTUP FORUM is characterized by the originality of its ambitions, the simplicity of its approach, the flexibility of its methods, its capacity for adaptation and adoption, the complementarity of its lines of work for better integration in its network.

Location: Ivory Coast (Abidjan)


Industrio is an accelerator of hardware startups that selects and supports a limited number of startups in bringing their product to market in the shortest possible time. Teams learn to and practically structure a business model, validate a prototype, prepare a DFM, launch a product on the market and structure their fund raising, besides having access to more than 30 partners to validate, design, and test their own product. Location: Italy (Rovereto)


WeXelerate invites companies to Vienna for a four-month program to work together with large Austrian companies from banking, insurance, heavy industries, energy and utilities, and media. The distinct goal is to bring promising startups and scaleups together with leading corporations and combine the best of the two worlds. Location: Austria (Vienna)


EiTESAL Business Nurturing Initiative (EBNI) is an incubation project initiated by Eitesal and other institutions. Their main task is to boost startups in the field of ICTE, by giving them end to end support & Global footprint to start their ventures from scratch & take them into scale up. EBNI is the first incubation specialized in hardware based on IoT (Internet of Things) in the Middle East and started in with the vision to become the regional & world class IoT business incubator. Location: Egypt (Cairo)