Sensing The Earth: Sigfox’s 2018 Universities Challenge

In honor of Earth Day on April 22nd, Sigfox announced their 2018 University Challenge in collaboration with HacksterSensing the Earth will run from April 23rd until July 31st, 2018, which is part of a multitude of programs developed by the Toulouse-based company to enable the adoption of its technology and IoT in general.

Sensing the Earth provides the engineers of tomorrow the opportunity to participate in a project that will not only be a technological challenge but one that will help improve our planet. Students and graduates from all over the world are welcome to submit their innovative projects focusing on environmental and animal protection, energy, health, transportation, and any other areas of sustainable development.

Any student or group of students (up to 3 max.) can sign up to our challenge. Participants will have no restrictions in terms of hardware, the only condition is to use the Sigfox technology. For more information on modules or development kits, please visit our Partner Network.

The best 10 projects will be announced by September 3rd , Sigfox teams will conduct a series of interviews with the 10 semi-finalists to choose the 3 finalists. The 3 finalists will get the chance to pitch their projects during Sigfox’s annual event, Sigfox Connect, which will take place in Berlin on October 24-25, 2018 for a chance to win an internship at Sigfox’s Hacking House in San Francisco.

For those who no longer are students but are still interested in participating in Sensing the Earth challenge, Sigfox is offering the possibility to qualify as a mentor. Mentors must either be non-student industry professionals (electrical engineer, data scientist, etc.) or university professors. The role of the mentor is to advice and counsel participants through the entire process.


Sensing the Earth University Challenge is of several projects from Sigfox to show the impact IoT has on humanitarian and environmental causes. While, nowadays, everyone talks about how the IoT will change the way companies develop and optimize their businesses, we must not forget that companies such as Sigfox can play a major role in many initiatives that make planet Earth a better place to live in. This is what, at Sigfox, we call “IoT for Good”.

From the very beginning, our founders, Ludovic Le Moan and Christophe Fourtet, wanted to show how the internet of things can help many humanitarian and environmental causes. This philosophy is represented by the Sigfox Foundation and their different projects: tracking rhinoceros in Zimbabwe, and expeditions in Antarctica, as well as the detection of earthquakes in Mexico.