The Geolocation Enabler for Massive IoT

Day-to-day supply chain issues can hide strategic risks, unmanaged assets may result in losses, lack of visibility and unoptimized usage. Atlas Suite the Geolocation service is designed in answer to supply chain challenges for every use case, there is a solution.


Reduce assets loss: save CAPEX.

Gain Operational Efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions: thanks to on-demand delivery of empty roller cages

ETA (Estimated time of availability) calculation will be possible in the future.

Network Based Geolocation


Atlas Native is a pure cloud-based geolocation service using Sigfox Network for location, it can locate any standard device even without GPS. 

The service can be provided for any device equipped with a simple Sigfox module, without any impact on both hardware and software components, makes it very cost-efficient solution to locate devices.

WiFi Based Geolocation


Atlas WiFi combines Atlas Native and WiFi access points, it can locate your assets across Urban, Suburban & Industrial areas for years, whether they are indoor, outdoor, and or even in-between urban areas, without ever investing in a tracking infrastructure. The WiFi infrastructure has a global footprint, your assets constantly come across Wifi Access points, with an accuracy of 50-250 meters

This location service is enhanced by a built-in Access Points Machine Learning algorithm allowing Sigfox 0G network discovers unknown APs that are not covered by third-party database, increasing the visibility of assets automatically.

Every device, deployed by any client, makes this common database smarter, everyday.

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