Sencrop Empowers Farmers and Their Agri-Partners to Make Better Decisions on Their Daily Works

Soufflet Agriculture, the biggest family-owned on-farm buyer of cereals group in Europe, chooses the startup Sencrop as their connected precision agriculture partner

Connected in real-time to plots, the Sencrop professional agro-weather stations, a Sigfox enabled device, allow each farmer to measure data such as air temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed, etc., within an individual plot, and provide access to the data via a smartphone or computer. Farmers benefit from ultra-local weather data 24 hours a day, helping them to decide the best course of action in the circumstances: irrigation, spraying, sowing, organizing day-to-day life activities, and more.


By providing real-time, remote, ultra-local weather data, Sencrop is contributing to the reduction and optimization of phytosanitary treatments. Reliable and accurate weather data helps farmers take the necessary actions according to specific weather conditions in order to be as effective as possible in their efforts. For example, farmers may determine if it is possible to spray based on the power and direction of the wind at a given interval.

Sencrop also helps by contributing to disease prevention, particularly the late blight common during successive warm periods when humidity is high. Sencrop can be used to program a system of simple alerts that trigger an SMS when the temperature rises above 20°C and humidity exceeds 87%. Soufflet Agriculture chose the Sencrop solution so that its clients could save time, improve their yields, and make the best-informed decisions, especially concerning treatments.


Throughout its history, the Soufflet Group has always been a forerunner, particularly when it comes to advice and services to farmers. Choosing Sencrop’s solution is part of the Group’s “Innovation-Transformation” initiative. This approach includes a significant digital component, particularly at Soufflet Agriculture, at a time when the use of digital supports and technology in the agricultural sector is developing quickly.