IoT to Secure Seniors in Spain with a Sigfox-Ready Connected Watch

Securitas Direct Spain has launched its Senior Protection program, a new personal protection service especially for elderly residents. This unique product solution, sold exclusively by CaixaBank, comprises a Central Unit (main unit) and a Sigfox-Ready watch which enables the user to send alerts and notifications in case of emergencies.

Fitted with an easy extraction strap, warning LEDs and an SOS button, the watch, designed by Telecom Design has a multi-functional screen to indicate date, time, battery level, activity goal indicator, step count and distance traveled. Alerts from the SOS push button and location data are sent via the Sigfox global network. The SOS alert feature can be used both inside and far from the user’s building as these are sent via the Sigfox global network.

A key innovative feature is that the watch comes with a fall-detection feature, designed to automatically detect falls and pinpoint the exact location of the user via GPS. In case of accidents, the watch will send an alert via the Sigfox global network to Securitas Direct to trigger immediate action by emergency services and a notification to the user’s care givers.

Once on the wrist, the Senior Protection program offers care givers and relatives peace of mind and the assurance that the movements of the user will be monitored everywhere, at all times and that they will be notified in case of emergencies.

At home, in an emergency, when the user says at least twice “I need assistance, I need assistance,” the Central Unit sends an SOS emergency notification to Securitas Direct via the Sigfox global network. If the global system for mobile communication (GSM) should be jammed, the Central Unit will send an alert by using the anti-jamming properties of Sigfox.

For mobile devices, the service pack comes with an app available on Android and iOS. The app enables relatives and care givers to receive notifications in the case of an emergency, look up event history and even call the Central Unit to talk to the elderly person equipped with Central Unit.

By leveraging the Sigfox connectivity service, the Securitas Direct program provides the safety net for care givers and relatives by ensuring that no matter where the user is, they will be notified quickly in case of an emergency, accident or fall.