Webinars – Introduction to Sigfox 0G Technology

Are you involved in an IoT project and want to know more about Sigfox 0G technology and its opportunities?

Discover our series of business and technical online conferences that will help transform your project into a successful one!

Sigfox Spark (technical sessions)

  • Learn more about a specific topic regarding Sigfox 0G technology and IoT
  • The format is simple: a 45-min presentation followed by a 15-min Questions & Answers with the Sigfox expert and/or with the VIP speaker
  • Please note that the difficulty level increases over time.

Sigfox Explore (business-related sessions)

  • Discover innovative use cases and receive all the keys to accelerate your IoT journey
  • Meet our VIP speakers, special guests from our partners ecosystem, to talk about innovation
  • The format is simple: a 45-min presentation followed by a 15-min Questions & Answers with the Sigfox expert and/or with the VIP speaker

Hacking House

February 12, 2019

Moojan Asghari and Alberto Mannil will present the Hacking House program, with a focus on the upcoming sessions in Taiwan and the United States.

Sigfox Geolocation Services

February 26, 2019

Learn everything about Sigfox geolocation services (Atlas suite): how they work, what is the accuracy, what are the available combinations with GPS or BLE, …

Power Management Considerations

April 16, 2019

In this webinar Wilfried Dron, CEO and co-founder of Wisebatt will share his experience of battery-life optimization for connected devices.

7 beginners hack to Lead Generation

April 24, 2019

Growing a business is both a macro and a micro game. In this webinar, we’ll be going through 7 easy-as-pie Social hacks that’ll get your awareness and Lead Generation through the roof.

Design Precaution for Antenna

May 14, 2019

Intro to antenna
Different types of antenna & precaution
Feedback from the field
Business impact on production

Top customer references

May 29, 2019

What benefits they have from using Sigfox 0G Technology
Common patterns
Lessons learnt

Google Cloud Platform Integration + Asset Tracking demo

Aug 29, 2019

Join the next conference to discover how we joined forces together with Google Cloud Platform, in order to support the IoT ecosystem.

Connect your Cloud to Sigfox

Oct 02, 2019

Sigfox Cloud model
How to start to get data
Develop your app for Sigfox data models
How to scale to production

How to fund your IoT project

Oct 17, 2019

Looking for funds is always a critical topic to accelerate your business growth, and it is sometimes even harder as we are talking about IoT.

From Prototype to Mass Production w/ HAX VC Program

Nov 27, 2019

What considerations must be made in the early stages of a design, in the move to low-volume and mass serial production? Meet Garrett Winther, Partner & Program Director at HAX, who will guide you step by step to go from prototype to industrialization!

Ultra Low Cost will revolutionize the IoT

Jan 9, 2020

Learn everything about the Sigfox Ultra Low-Cost strategy to encourage greater levels of innovation.

Sigfox and AWS integration

Feb 13, 2020

Discover AWS platform and Sigfox integration! Meet Jean Malha, Solutions Architect at AWS, who will provide you all the tips to scale your IoT architecture. We prepared a special asset tracking demo for you

Air Quality Monitoring with the FoxerIoT platform

March 24, 2020

The FoxerIoT data platform is a simple way to manage and analyze all of the data points that are important to you. In this live demo, you will discover an AirQuality monitoring and tracking use case using the FoxerIoT Plaform.

IoT to enable Smart Building use cases, w/ IOThink Solutions

April 9, 2020

Join us to discover common IoT usecases enabled with IoThink solutions platform: HVAC monitoring, Smart Gas & Electricity, Water Leak, Room occupancy…

How to market Sigfox Solutions

April 14, 2020

Simple Hardware is an innovative IoT company providing worldwide IoT consulting services, a highly flexible IoT platform and solutions based on unique, cool, reliable and cost-effective Sigfox IoT devices.

Geofencing use cases using ThingerIO

April 16, 2020

How to track supermarket trolleys, pets, hikers, or trucks within a warehouse? So many use cases enabled by the IoT used for Geofencing!

Nicigas use case and large scale projects challenges

April 16, 2020

850,000 gas meters across Japan will get a smart makeover thanks to a retrofitted gas meter reader developed by UnaBiz & SORACOM. The project marks one of the largest deployments of smart utilities solutions to date.