Monitoring Rodents Activity

The RATSENSE product is a Rodent Monitoring System that uses IoT Technology to monitor rodent movement & activity, providing valuable information data, being more effective when deploying traps.

RATSENSE has developed a new completely new approach to gathering insights through IR sensors to minimize guesswork. RATSENSE Leverages on IoT technology, Sigfox connectivity, to push the data to their cloud and then analyses it thanks to an algorithm, the result of machine learning methods combined with their 40 years of experience in the field

At the end of the day, what remains is a very efficient, sustainable and cost-effective solution that resolves any rodent issue.

RATSENSE’s range spans large grounds, where landmass can stretch as far as the eye can see. In addition, the low power requirement gives it a huge advantage boost as an industry leader, outperforming competitors as the first in the world to adopt Sigfox technology.

More info about the solution on Sigfox Partner Network