How to Monitor Water Temperature and Prevent Legionella?

Arguably one of the most vitally important parts of keeping abreast of any potential legionella risks is the routine monitoring of core temperatures found in any water system on your business premises.

With the legionella bacteria specifically prone to manifesting in water where temperatures range between 20 – 45°C, when aided and abetted by other nutrients and stagnation in pipes, this perfect storm of conditions provides a rich breeding ground for what commonly materialises as the potentially fatal – Legionnaire’s Disease.

Spica Tech’s Devicepoint® for Healthy Water is an efficient risk management tool, especially when used as part of a complete Legionella control regime. Their connected devices constantly monitor the temperature in sections of pipe work, raising real-time alarms for temperature non-conformance, low/no flow events and scalding risks.. They eliminate manual work or reading and recording pipe temperature measurements and they provide a vastly superior picture of likely risks and pipe system usage.