Metiora is a company dedicated to making connected things smarter. They help their clients improve their operations and identify business opportunities in the new ecosystem of IoT and AI.

They develop Internet of Things projects, where they analyze the needs of the client and identify how IoT can add value to the business. Data Science projects represent the next step once you have sensed an asset or a customer provides data, in this way, use your business data to provide you with valuable information and generate intelligent decisions based on the IoT data and models of Data Science.

Smart Pallet

Smart Pallet is the Smart, Connected and Easy-to-install device that provides real-time information on product sales and store location.

With it you can know in real time when sales occur, have preventive alerts for out of stock products, predicts how a promotion will work and know where the product is in store. The customized alerts will allow you to be informed of the number of remaining units in real time.

How does it work?

Smart Pallet is a device connected to the internet that is placed under the pallet. Currently, available for quarter pallet format.

For installation, only a mobile is needed to associate the product with the device. As of this moment, Smart Pallet sends all the information so that you can consult your online reports. The Smart Pallet data is received through the Sigfox network.


Smart Pallet alerts you about out of stock, predicts the behavior of a promotion, informs about the ideal moment of replacement and can even generate automatic orders.

Product always available

 Reduce the out-of-stock and always have your product available in store.

Promotion optimization

Identify the operation of promotions and make decisions in real time.

Increase in sales and turnover

Predicts out of stock, receives alerts and automates orders.

Customer satisfaction

Create the right promotions for each location and store.

Smart Pallet is designed for manufacturers and distributors: Manufacturers can see the evolution of sales of their products in real time, knowing their location in store. Distributors will know how much is being sold for a product and how promotions are working.

Smart Pallet is available now, you can order it today!