Join The Hacking House Project

Many companies nowadays wonder how the internet of things can actually help them optimize their business, however, they don’t always know where to start. One of their major issues is time, as projects usually go through multiple, long phases (conception, business & ROI analysis, prototyping and testing, etc.) from the moment a need or opportunity is identified, and the moment the final solution is deployed. In average, depending of the project, it can take from around 8 months up to 18, which can be a real issue for most companies. Some of the key factors that impact those delays are the following:

  • Fragmented processes
  • Too many parties involved
  • High costs
  • Lack of specific expertise
  • Unclear business model

At Sigfox we know that one of the keys for success is to accelerate the adoption of our technology. That is why we decided to help companies by tackling the main pain points of a solution journey thanks to the what we have called the Hacking House: a place where we will transform ideas into real IoT solutions in less than 100 days.

We are planning to open three Hacking Houses in 2018 operated by Sigfox in the US, Europe and Asia and we expect to have 50 by end of 2021 which will be operated by the different Sigfox operators and partners.

The first Hacking House is planned to be open in San Francisco in Autumn 2018, welcoming the first class. Each class will follow the program for 3 months, during which 30 students will get the chance to work on 10 projects.

A reopening Summer Camp will take place during the last week of June 2018 to on-board the selected teams with the program and projects over a week. Students will be covered for their accomodation and food expenses costs. Pre-registrations are now open. Students can apply to be selected for the Summer Camp and join the first season of the Hacking House, while companies can also submit their projects for assessment. 


To make this project come true, we will choose participants among the most talented students from all over the world who will be accompanied by industry experts, makers and mentors.

  • Engineering & Business School Students will get real hands-on experience on breakthrough IoT projects for renown companies
  • Corporates are welcome to submit their IoT project requirements for students to work on and receive trainings to better manage their IoT projects.
  • Startups & developers of the Sigfox community will have access to the hacking space equipped with the essential tools needed for IoT prototyping


The Hacking House will be divided into different areas:

  • Hackspace: The core element of the Hacking House – a space fully equipped to do IoT prototyping and testing Sigfox technology.
  • Coworking space: Where Sigfox partners, start-ups and device makers can work together on their projects.
  • Workshop rooms: Meeting rooms for corporate workshops on IoT for our clients or to rent it to companies who look for a place in an equipped place for creative design thinking sessions.
  • Interactive Showroom: Where we can test and try the existing solutions using Sigfox technology. Also, at the end of each season, every Hacking House project will be added to the showroom.
  • Events and conference area: To organise regular meetups with the community.
  • Accommodation: For both the students and the project team so they can both live and work in a creative environment.