IoT Startups in Sigfox Programs Can Now Benefit from the AWS Activate Program!

To help IoT startups build their business and succeed, Sigfox created two startup programs. These programs include technical and business support, as well as tools to help startups grow.

To do so, we join forces with key actors to encourage the development of new startups. We are very excited to let you know that all startups joining Sigfox startup programs can now benefit* from AWS Activate from Amazon Web Services!

The AWS Activate program provides startups with the resources they need to quickly get started on AWS – including AWS credits, training, and technical support.

In cooperation with AWS, startups from our programs can now apply for the AWS Portfolio package, designed for startups in select startup-supporting organizations. Qualifying startups receive up to $10,000 in AWS promotional credits, $5,000 in technical support promotional credits and access to online training to help them build their IoT platform in the cloud with AWS.

If you’re an IoT startup interested in Sigfox which meets these requirements, don’t hesitate to subscribe to our online program to benefit from the AWS offer!

Eligibility Conditions apply. Please notice that applicants are required to have a working company website, matching domain email address and are evaluated for acceptance into the Activate program based on several additional factors including prior AWS usage and credit history. More details here.