Swiss companies ZENNER Connect AG and HELIoT SA today jointly announced that they have entered into a collaboration for the Internet of Things (IoT). The complementary partnership integrates HELIoT’s growing Sigfox 0G IoT connectivity in Switzerland with ZENNER Connect’s Switzercloud IoT platform enabling the market with unique access to flexible and scaleable end-to-end IoT solutions.

“The collaboration with ZENNER Connect’s Switzercloud IoT platform removes two important barriers, this combination demonstrates the strengths of our partnership. That is, on the one side, the processing and visualisation of captured data in a simplified and an intelligible way; and, on the other side, the assurance that the device transmitted data via the 0G technology of Sigfox can be securely stored in Switzerland.” says Christofer Martinson, Chief Sales Officer at HELIoT. “As this partnership addresses an end-to-end approach from devices into the end-application, its never been easier to enable and profit from the connected-object, IoT market.”

“Thanks to HELIoT, we continue to underline our connectivity and technology independancy. Partners and customers are no longer restricted to a limited choice of connectivity technologies,“ said Val Jelinic, IoT Solutions and Ecosystem Lead at ZENNER Connect. “Having a dashboard view with blended data, captured from diverse technologies such as Sigfox and others, brings a real benefit resulting in less complexity and increased cost-effectiveness.“

The union will be one of the first of its type offering Swiss companies the ability to monitor assets and track goods all over the world, however with the assurance that the data is always managed, processed and stored securely in Switzerland.


Lausanne based HELIoT SA is the exclusive Sigfox 0G network owner and operator for Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein. HELIoT and will have 85% population coverage by November this year. With the global Sigfox 0G technology, HELIoT offers a seamless, easy-to-use, low-cost and energy-efficient LPWA network without barrier for sensors and devices used for the Internet of Things.

About ZENNER Connect AG

ZENNER Connect AG offers customer-specific consulting, guides companies on their digitization journey and develops innovative IoT solutions that work straight out of the box. Their Switzercloud IoT Platform joins all the necessary IoT elements that give partners and customers the flexibility to develop and implement scalable IoT solutions in a short time-to markett. ZENNER Connect is a subsidiary of the Minol-ZENNER Group, which is one of the leading providers in Europe and worldwide in connection with innovative energy measurement systems and Smart City. More at www.switzer.cloud