Commercialization of the First Sigfox Breakout Board Based on the New Wisol® SFM10R1, Designed for the Internet of Things (IoT)

The company “Société Nationale des Objets Connectés” (SNOC) has begun commercializing a « breakout » prototype board, allowing communications on the Sigfox network, for an acquisition cost lower than anything on the market.

Wanting to create a simple but accessible prototype board for professionals, education and “Makers”, the SNOC has created the BRKWS01 board. Thanks to its electronics and bundled accessories, in less than 5 minutes you can connect to the Sigfox network, dedicated to IoT.

The BRKWS01 breakout board is an ultra-compact board, based on the brand new Sigfox SFM10R1 from Korean manufacturer Wisol®. This board allows you to integrate the long-range low-bandwidth Sigfox (LPWAN) in your IoT projects, offering ultra-simple data transmission at a competitive price.

Thanks to its small dimensions, the BRKWS01 is highly versatile; from prototype development to entire series. The input/output pin placement is such that the card can be used vertically, like a SIP (Single Inline Package) module. Its integration is therefore heavily facilitated.

A real alternative to mobile networks or Wi-Fi, the Sigfox network is available in Europe with more than 15 countries coverage, transferring connected object data economically in real time.

The card is bundled with a kit comprised of an adapted antenna, header connectors and a one-year subscription to the Sigfox network with access to the online management system.

It is designed and made in France on our site, and is available for 19.90€, excluding tax, on our e-shop dedicated to “Makers”,

About la Société Nationale des Objets Connectés

A young company based in Angers, SNOC is specialized in the creation, manufacturing, and delivery of connected solutions. SNOC also helps companies who want to create connected objects in prototyping or proof of concept, all the way to fabrication of mini and mid-range series. SNOC also edits a cloud-based program to collect and handle data coming from connected objects. This platform is multi-protocol and facilitates connection to several telecommunications networks.