At the start of November, our SimpleHW team announced an international project of coffee machine monitoring.

The monitoring devices were sent to all the Sigfox operators around the world. Now the devices are reporting the vibration/coffee preparation on their coffee machines. Among participants, there are already more than 45 Sigfox operators and their offices.

All the results are visualized and displayed in real-time on the web and in iPhone and Android apps.
See the public dashboard of the I/O Frog platform here.

All the greeting to the participants of the project! More and more devices get activated and monitored every day!

4 reasons why we see a great business case behind

1. Coffee bean suppliers want to lock customers into their brands. So by giving away SimplePack free of charge that monitors the consumption, they can deliver the right amount at the right time

2. The office manager can monitor real coffee consumption so that coffee supplies are not (e.g. by cleaning services or even staff!)

3. The duration of vibrations can distinguish between coffee preparation or the cleaning program so the office manager can be notified if the machine is not maintained properly

4. There is a button that can display the Coffee bean brand and this can serve as a re-ordering button.

Results of the projects can be found: https://simplehw.eu/coffee-machine-monitoring-results/

More technical sides of the projects can be found: https://simplehw.eu/coffee/