Utilities & Energy

Streamline your management operations and gain remote visibility on your equipment.

Sigfox-enabled IoT solutions delivers a reliable and secure option for utilities companies to gain complete, real-time visibility of theirr entire grid and pair well with all types of utility management operations. From smart water meters, to remotely monitoring the tilt of electical poles or level of storage tanks, you cut down on unnecessary maintenance visits and obtain accurate daily readings and alerts.

smart utilities
Collect consumption data effortlessly
Monitor and optimize your infrastructure with real time smart metering to detect leaks and breakdowns, automate billing and remotely activate and deactivate services.
smart engineering
On-site visits required only for maintenance and repair
Remotely monitored using specific IoT sensors to detect any failure or abnormal decrease in utitlity efficiency.
battery level
Monitor your back-up power facilities
Maintenance crews can work far more efficiently with instant visibility of the status of all back-up power sources, carry out remote diagnosis and obtain immediate alerts to avoid servcie breakdown.
Maintain stocks at optimum levels
Sigfox-enabled IoT devices provide a cost-effective solution for remote and accurate monitoring of tanks' level, removing costly manual checks.
electric pole
Electricity pole remote surveillance
IoT devices enable tilt monitoring and alerts are sent in real time to maintenance crew if a major event occurs (strong wind, tree fall on cable, traffic accident,...).
water quality
Monitor water facilities simply and remotely
IoT devices can now remotely measure water levels, pressure, turbidity, Ph, salinity, ... to prevent overflows, track drinking water quality and monitor water treatment operations.
pipe leak
Monitor vital parameters, leaks and ruptures in pipes
Vibrating strain gauge, temperature and pressure sensors placed on your pipes will warn of a potential for rupture or leaking. Get alerts before the worst happens and prevent disasters.

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