Retail & Hospitality

Gather customer feedback, supply chain insights, safety controls for better operations and services.

In the retail and hospitality industries, keeping guests satisfied and customers engaged is your number one priority. From smart service wireless buttons to tracking your assets and monitor your inventory, to improving food safety or reduce rodent infestation, ... Sigfox-enabled IoT solutions enables you to stay connected to all aspects of your retail store, hotel or restaurant.

smart order
Smart buttons for smooth, effortless ordering
This makes transactions easier and saves time spent on ordering for both customers and the company.
smart pickup
Smart buttons to trigger package pick-up
helps the postal services optimize their pickup routes and anticipate the number of packages for collection on any given day.
customer satisfaction
Monitoring customer satisfaction
Use simple emojis buttons to trigger instant responses from customers as they leave the areas under your management. The data is then available in the cloud for visualization and real-time customer satisfaction.
asset tracking
Monitor transport conditions through the entire the supply chain
Sigfox-ready solutions offer, for a low cost, valuable data on temperature, shock and tilt while GPS tracking all your parcels. With accurate insights into quality control, traceability and responsibility boundaries, it ensures goods are delivered safely, on time and in perfect condition.
fridge monitoring
Improving food safety
Sigfox-ready IoT solutions can help ensure food safety procedures are observed by accurately monitoring the temperature of food displays and fridges. A simple device installed in the unit can be configured to send alerts in the event of abnormal temperature levels, to trigger swift remedial action.
rat monitoring
Avoid rodent infestations
IoT solutions using infrared sensors for monitoring rodent activity identifies hotspots in the store or restaurant so that rodent can be eradicated up to 6x faster
warehouse security
Improved warehouse security
Smart security alarms use Sigfox as a backup to cellular connectivity. Simply because Sigfox is jam-proof. Sigfox-ready wireless presence detectors can also run for months without replacing the batteries and at the same time, simplifying installation and reducing costs.
connected trolley
Track your shopping trolleys
Recover your lost shopping carts faster with Sigfox enabled indoors/outdoors trackers and route optimisation platform. Asset tracking is now affordable, simple to deploy, easy to maintain and devices can run for years without having to replace the batteries.

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