04 January 2018

Keep an eye on your belongings at any time, worldwide, with Roadie by invoxia: the smart and powerful GPS tracker that works on Sigfox low-power network

Press Release
Roadie by Invoxia, Sigfox GPS Tracker

Invoxia announces the availability of Roadie in the US and Europe, thanks to Sigfox low-power network. Roadie is the next-generation GPS tracker that keeps an eye on the user’s most precious belongings at anytime, anywhere, for up to 8 months.


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Roadie allows users to keep an eye on any of their belongings: on the car while away on holidays, on their stolen bike to locate and retrieve it, on their kids after school to make sure they’re safe. Unlike the majority of existing trackers, Roadie does not use a SIM card, but instead uses low-power networks, which allows it to be more autonomous (with a battery life of up to 8 months) and more efficient than any other tracker. Roadie works with Sigfox low-power network, so people can use it anywhere in the world. It also combines GPS and nearby Wi-Fi network locating technologies to offer the highest precision in every environment: city and countryside, inside and outside.

Roadie’s price includes a subscription to Sigfox low-power network.


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The device integrates numerous functionalities. Users can define “security zones” and receive notifications any time Roadie enters or exits these areas. They can also access the exact location of Roadie on their smartphone with GPS precision, and even trace its routes in a selected time slot. Imagine the possibilities for tracking a stolen car, motorcycle or simply a suitcase while travelling!


Serge RenouardSerge Renouard, CEO d’Invoxia, says:


“Roadie takes the trackers market one step further, by providing high autonomy and international coverage at a contained price - to meet both personal, and business needs.”





- Subscription to a low-power network
- Battery life of up to eight months
- Several customizable tracking modes: 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes.
- High-precision tracking: outdoors as well as indoors thanks to a combination of GPS and Wi-Fi network technologies
- Ultra-thin black aluminum case with leather cordon
- Micro-USB charging, cable provided



Roadie is currently on pre-order the United States at 99USD, and in Europe at 99EUR on invoxia.com, including the subscription to a low-power network, and will be available from February 14th.


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Roadie will be on display at CES (January 05-08) Booth: Sands, Halls A-D – 44412 (see on map)

For more information: www.invoxia.com