A Year of Ecosystem Growth for Sigfox U.S.A.

Just like it takes a village to raise a child, it takes an ecosystem to raise an IoT solution. And in the U.S., we are proud that our regional Sigfox ecosystem grew over 45% in 2017! This includes all layers of the IoT stack who joined the Sigfox ecosystem aimed at one universal mission; helping end customers bring their IoT solutions to life.

Semiconductors, devices, platforms, systems integrators, and more have been added to our IoT family in the U.S., and they’re building solutions to make collecting and analyzing the data that improve business’ operational efficiencies, allow company to track and monitor assets, and even provide new revenue stream opportunities. Like any family, there are all sorts of personalities that make the unit whole, so we had some fun showcasing our ecosystem by personifying them into family members we can all relate to. Take a look at the infographic.

Many of our new partners have built Sigfox RC 2 enabled devices for commercial rollout in the U.S., including OleumTech who has an entire line of transmitters for remote asset monitoring and data gathering in the agriculture and oil and gas industries. Also commercially available is Loka Systems multipurpose Sigfox and WiFi tracker. Spectrum Technology, has two sensors available for sample purchase, one for monitoring weather, and the other for soil moisture. Our friends at Sensohive have a sleek climate monitoring device, and our longtime partners, mcThings, have a multi-sensing (temperature, pressure, accelerometer and more!) in a compact device, all of which have samples for purchase.

On the cloud side, we’ve secured a great partnership with Losant, whose enterprise IoT platform lets customer build and visualize IoT data with ease, as well as Microsoft Azure Suite that allows customers to connect, monitor, and manage billions of IoT assets.

We are excited by our ecosystem growth over the last year and looking forward to continued expansion in 2018. To our current partners, we look forward to building more solutions and joint promotions to reach end customers with you in 2018. To those who are not yet a part of our ecosystem, we look forward to adding you to our family and connecting the world.