Rob Mesirow a partner at consultancy firm PWC discussed the power of data, why data is key for the future of the IoT and why data is what is needed when engaging in an IoT product


  • We call it the Internet of Things (loT), but we don’t care about things, we care about data. Data is where the magic of IoT happens.
  • It is recommended that businesses work with a systems integrator and here’s why: A systems integrator will come on and help with the strategy component and then delivery and then revenue. One of the benefits of working with a systems integrator is having a depth of knowledge and understanding so businesses know that their data is protected from a regulatory standpoint.
  • To get to those billions of devices, businesses need to change the economics. LPWAN changes the economics. We want to make dumb things smart then we want to collect all of these bits of data and aggregate them into data hubs as we work towards smart everything.
  • Turn data into action. Companies want to be able to pull in outside data, mix it with sensory data and create this picture. There are lots of ways to do this and it’s very difficult for one company. That’s why partnering with a systems integrator can be so powerful.
  • Data is accelerating exponentially and getting people addicted to data is the key to fueling the infinite data pool.


  • On PWC’s approach to the market: “PWC’s approach to the market was that we wanted to come into the market and solve a couple of problems. One of the problems we saw immediately in the IoT space was their strategy component. We were getting called to do a lot of strategy work around IoT, people wanted to figure out how to connect devices together to run better and more efficiently.”
  • His thoughts on data: “We hear the phrase “we have all this data but we’re scared to touch it” all the time. We see data as being very powerful. The most powerful companies treat data like cash. And that’s what we want our clients to do.”
  • And on the importance of more data: “I tell my people, all we want to do is get people addicted to data. If they get addicted to the data, that’s going to drive sensory deployment, that’s going to drive the build out of the networks and then they’re going to have more information. It’s an infinite data pool.”


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