1) Tell us a little about your company

Daizy is a platform that enables enterprises to quickly experiment with the Internet of Things, and then deploy at scale.

Daizy was founded 3 years ago by a group of like-minded individuals who saw a lot of the world’s challenges being addressed with timely, accurate, and meaningful data. With LPWAN we saw low-cost hardware and very cost-effective data communication as being a fantastic solution to mobilise IoT into the enterprise. 

We started in 2018 with a team who previously built and deployed device management for cellular platforms, being the largest SaaS provider in the industry for mobile network operators, device manufacturers and application vendors around the world.

Headquartered in the UK, today we have customer deployments across Europe, Asia and North America.

2) What problem does your solution solve?

Daizy removes three key issues for our customers and partners:

Vendor Lock-in

Many IoT solutions bundle hardware, cloud platform and application in one. While this solves for the use case, enterprises will be deploying IoT across a wide variety of different use cases, meaning an explosion of platforms, applications, logins and vendors to manage.

Daizy integrates with any hardware and any application. All the data is collected in one place, under your control and ownership.

Supply chain complexity

A multitude of IoT hardware, communication technologies, applications and data integrations create a complex environment for an Enterprise to manage.  With Daizy all elements are managed through a single pane of glass, with project design, device lifecycle management, and data publishing. The Daizy mobile app allows anyone to install a device using a wizard-driven process, reducing the training required to deploy and manage hardware.

Costly deployments

Device Management and field service can often account for more than 50% of the project cost – considerably more than the cost of the hardware. This can be significantly reduced through Daizy’s tool set, allowing an enterprise to apply traditional IT Service Management to large volumes of simple, low-powered, low-cost IoT devices.

For example, one of our customers – Easibind, a direct mail provider delivering marketing material with an embedded Sigfox push-button was able to reduce the time spent on device activation by more than 90% compared with a previous in-house solution.

3) What kind of ROI does your solution offer to customers?

Daizy is an API first platform, built to integrate into existing business systems which will benefit from IoT data.

The following 5 key benefits are provided to solution providers, system integrators and enterprise customers:

1. Time to Market – reduce the time to market with a standards-based approach across the project lifecycle 

2. Cost of deployment – a simple approach to designing, configuring and deploying a project at scale using non-technical field staff. 

3. IoT skill set – a platform approach linked to existing business systems removes the need for a deep understanding of IoT technology, allowing a focus on the data.

4. Scale – quickly experiment with 10 device and then deploy 10 million devices all within the one platform. Daizy helps you scale all aspects of service management and data consumption.

5. Maintenance – ongoing device management ensuring that the sensors deployed are in good health, allowing service calls to be made when needed, and managing all network subscriptions.

4) What is the most important thing about using Sigfox 0G network?

The Sigfox 0G network offers our clients a consistent connectivity fabric in all markets where we operate. We’re able to activate and manage devices without the need for third party gateways or other infrastructure, meaning our clients can focus on their core strengths and not have to worry about becoming a network operator!

Our native integration with Sigfox means that network coverage forecasts are integrated into the project composer, so you can decide the best location for your devices. Devices are automatically activated on the Sigfox network at point of installation, creating a seamless experience for users.

5) What’s next for Daizy?

We increasingly see the Daizy platform being used by device vendors to reduce the points of friction in getting their products integrated into customer solutions. Daizy makes it easy for a customer to securely consume the data from a device without a large IT effort.

As an open framework for IoT we’re also seeing new value chains emerging where application providers and hardware manufacturers are able to combine offerings into a single proposition, and where bundled solutions can deliver wide-ranging benefits in areas such as building management, social housing, energy management and smart places.

More information about Daizy www.daizy.io