How to Build an IoT Device for Home Security: the Securitas Direct – Verisure Experience

Angel YBANEZ, Director of Strategy and Business Development of Securitas Direct Verisure Spain, shared how his company has approached IoT product creation ever since they first partnered with Sigfox. From their first device to their millionth, YBANEZ discusses Securitas Direct’s approach to creating consumer value within the IoT space.


  • Throughout the start of the relationship with Sigfox, Securitas thought about the kind of marketing proposition and technical proposition the partnership could bring about.
  • To be successful, companies must find the human aspect of their product. Consumers won’t always understand the technology so companies must create value behind technology.
  • Securitas’ first product, while successful, didn’t bring enough value to clients. They couldn’t even tell if it was working. The second generation showed clearly that it was working and gave additional data that provided extraordinary value.
  • Sometimes, 3G is not enough. That’s why Securitas works so closely with Sigfox so that their clients can contact them from virtually anywhere in the world whenever the GSM connectivity fails. It creates even more value for clients.
  • IoT market growth is possible as long as businesses understand the needs of their customers, can market to those needs and have the right technology in place.


  • On bringing value to clients: “The important thing is to find the right technology and also find the human point of view. What kinds of value can we bring to our client to make them say ‘this is a lovely proposition, is this a lovely solution? It’s a yes for me.’ This is important because customers don’t understand anything about the technology.”
  • On the IoT market: “It is possible to enlarge the market and do a lot of things. To achieve this you need to relate marketing to the person (the customer) and not the technology.”
  • On the future: “If you are able to find the right person, the right technology, and you have a clear vision of the needs of the people, you can do incredible things with IoT!”


After a great success in 2017 with more than 1200 attendees and 120 booths, the Sigfox World IoT Expo is back in 2018 and becomes Sigfox Connect. Attendance is also open to the general public during the second day.