Bosch Partners With Sigfox to Produce the Sigfox Access Station

Bosch partners with Sigfox to produce the Sigfox Access Station

The Bosch site of Mondeville offers electronic and mechatronic subcontracting services EMS (Electronique Manufacturing Services) for companies needing support and expertise during the development, industrialization and manufacturing phases of their PCBs and electronic products.

The Bosch site of Mondeville employs 650 associates, has 7 SMC lines, 2 billion components deposited per year and a quality rate of better than 3 ppm. These results are made possible by the expertise and know-how of the project teams and by lean manufacturing principles: the BPS (Bosch Production System).

A further step in the collaboration between Bosch and Sigfox 

The Sigfox Access Station will be produced on the Bosch Mondeville site in Normandy. This partnership follows on from a first commercial agreement concluded in 2016 with e.l.m leblanc (Bosch group subsidiary), with the aim of connecting more than 100,000 boilers to the Sigfox network.

“This manufacturing agreement is part of our global partnership strategy with the Bosch Group, through which we commit together to the industrial internet of things. The industrial excellence of Bosch, which enjoys a worldwide reputation, is a guarantee of safety, precision and very high reliability for the equipment on the Sigfox network”, explains Christophe Fourtet, co-founder and scientific director of Sigfox. 

The Sigfox Access Station: a major step forward 

The Sigfox Access Station is the latest generation of wireless access points to the global Sigfox network. The new Sigfox Access Station is a component of the network antennas and offers optimum capacity, to support the large-scale deployment of IoT solutions worldwide.

The Sigfox Access Station is designed according to cognitive radio or SDR (Software Defined Radio) principles and represents a major technological step forward. It can process more than 10 million messages per day and offers ten times more computing power than its previous version, while consuming half as much energy.

It is highly scalable and can be remotely reconfigured simply by software programming, thus helping Sigfox break into big data and machine learning. The compact Sigfox Access Station is also simple and quick to deploy.

Sigfox, currently present in about thirty countries, intends to expand its network to 60 countries by the end of 2018. Its technology offers national coverage with 15 times fewer antennas than a mobile operator.

Interconnectivity of products and services: the Bosch strategic goal

Bosch, one of the global leaders in the field of interconnectivity, is actively taking part in the technological changes that will shape our future environment. The Group’s full range covers systems, connected objects, and machine-to-machine interconnection.

Bosch offers everyone a chance to enjoy the fascinating experience of the Internet of Things. The Group can today connect the virtual and physical worlds of objects and solutions. To do this, the Group’s associates are working hard to deliver sensor technologies, software and services to improve our daily lives and preserve the environment. For the users, the experience could not be easier: Simply.Connected.