AMOSENSE’s Sigfox Monarch portfolio of devices is the first of its kind, interoperable globally across all Sigfox radio frequency zones and now available in production volumes for the mass IoT markets worldwide.

Berlin, Germany, October 24, 2018 – Today at Sigfox Connect 2018 in Berlin, Germany, AMOSENSE, a leading Korean IoT device maker, announced its Sigfox Monarch enabled portfolio of devices. AMOSENSE is the first device maker in the Sigfox ecosystem to release a Monarch enabled family of devices that provides support for cross-continental use cases and brings to life Sigfox’s vision of One Global Network by offering One Global Device that works across the entire worldwide network. The new portfolio is based on the STMicroelectronics S2-LP ultra-low-power long-range radio and BlueNRG-2 Bluetooth low-energy System-On-Chip (SoC) chipset, which enable seamless connectivity to the Sigfox Monarch services. The new device portfolio offers a ready-to-go and fully certified solution for real-time always-connected remote monitoring, industrial asset management, and IoT device geolocation. Sigfox geolocation services allow location and tracking assets and goods along their journey across the world, in real-time, with no need for expensive and battery-consuming GNSS or GPS equipment. This all makes the Sigfox Monarch and geolocation service a preferred, low-power solution quickly enabling a smarter supply chain in the IoT era.

The new Monarch enabled devices utilize the unique regional recognition service offered by Sigfox to automatically manage the tuning of the device radio communication frequency in compliance with the regional regulations (RC1 to RC6), enabling devices to run seamlessly across all parts of the world. This new line-up of Sigfox Monarch enabled AMOSENSE devices unlocks endless use cases in transportation, shipping and logistics, supply chain, and cold chain such as global and multimodal (railway, aircraft, freighters) track and trace, maintenance, and service use cases. 

“This collaboration between key actors of our ecosystem to provide Sigfox innovation as the Monarch feature in time and in volume is our top priority. Powered by this ecosystem, Amosense is now providing a unique and optimized portfolio of devices and demonstrates that Sigfox technology and global network is bringing great new opportunities to support the Global  Logistic and Supply chain market” said Raouti Chehih, Chief Adoption Officer at Sigfox.

“Sigfox Global networking and Monarch service is a disruptive technology enabling a surprisingly simple, affordable, and efficient solution for the modern Sensor-to-Cloud landscape. ST has recently enriched its IoT eco-system with a comprehensive Sigfox Monarch certified portfolio based on the S2-LP ultra-low-power radio, including evaluation boards, tools, and Software Development Kit for both STM32 MCU and BlueNRG Bluetooth low energy SoC programmable devices. AMOSENSE’s decision to adopt the ST chipset represents an important milestone in our close cooperation with Sigfox,” said Marco Veneri, Low-Power RF Marketing ManagerSTMicroelectronics. “The AMOSENSE device portfolio makes the Sigfox Monarch technology commercially available through a ready-to-go catalog of battery-friendly smarter trackers, enabling a new era in the industrial asset tracking, supply chain, and logistics.”

AMOSENSE, ST, and Sigfox have been working closely to bring this new portfolio of devices to market. AMOSENSE is currently in discussions with various IoT solutions providers and customers for applications such as track and trace, security, wearables (panic alerts), industrial, and consumer applications. The AMOSENSE portfolio of devices include a ready-to-use wide variety of trackers such as asset trackers, pallet trackers, container trackers, trolley trackers, luggage trackers and other devices such as wearable security/panic/alert buttons, air quality sensors etc. AMOSENSE products are durable, elegant and enables ultra-long battery life for devices to connect using the Sigfox wireless IoT network for several years without the need for frequent battery re-charging.

The Monarch enabled portfolio of devices is now available in production volumes for Sigfox Operators and clients worldwide to bring to life their global multimodal IoT use cases.

About AMOSENSE Co., Ltd.

AMO Group ($500M in revenue, publicly traded on KOSDAQ ) is a Korean IoT device maker with decades of deep expertise and experience in manufacturing advanced material based electronic components, modules, devices and solutions for the IT, IoT, Bio, Environment, Automotive, and Energy industries. AMOSENSE’s innovative design and distinctive engineering capabilities leverage technology and capabilities of the AMO Group. AMOSENSE’s Smart IoT division has deep experience in RF antenna technology, battery technology, hardware design, and firmware development, allowing us to develop a variety of IoT devices optimized for different use cases and operating environments.

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