The Global Sigfox IoT Solution Conference, Sigfox CONNECT 2018, will be held in Berlin from October 24th to 25th. Might Electronic will attend the exhibit and launch MTDuino-SFM2CWW001, an entirely new development tool designed by Might Electronic.

Developed in 2017, MTDuino-SFM2CWW001 is the first open-source development kit in the world that integrates Arduino MCU and Sigfox technology. It is a 32-bit application development tool compatible with Arduino, which is simple and powerful. With Microchip’s SAMD21 MCU which is 32-bit ARM Cortex® M0 core, the board offers increased flexibility, low power consumption, and openness for developers and technicians to build innovative projects such as Smart IoT, wearable device, and robotics for IoT startups and makers.

As a French company, Sigfox has built low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) ecosystem over 50 countries and by far is the world’s largest IoT network operator. The network was officially launched in Taiwan in October 2017.

With more than 30 years of experience in electronic R&D and hardware manufacturing, Might Electronic provides one-stop services including product development, design verification, small-scale trial production, mass production, and international logistics. The company also focuses on the development in various fields such as the IoT, smart healthcare, smart manufacturing, smart logistics, and more. In 2017, Might Electronic joined the Sigfox Partner ecosystem and has been promoting and developing Sigfox IoT solutions, together with other partners in Taiwan, such as M2COMM, a pioneering Internet-of-Things (IoT) communication chipset solutions provider, ESMT is a public fabless IC design house with manufacturing, sales and technical services, and UnaBiz is exclusive Sigfox operator in Singapore and Taiwan.

Might Electronic will present MTDuino-SFM2CWW001 on Sigfox CONNECT 2018 in Berlin from October 24th to 25th. It is believed that with the performance of MTDuino-SFM2CWW001, Sigfox’s global network and its IoT ecosystem will become more complete than ever.

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