Discover the origin of Sigfox 0G technology

The Sigfox 0G Technology

Sigfox 0G technology was created in 2010 with the vision to connect every object in our physical world to the digital universe. Over the following 12 years, that technology was adopted by 70+ national 0G Network Operators, 1,500+ B2B customers and 800+ ecosystem IoT players (chip manufacturers, device makers, solution providers, system integrators) to enable Massive Internet of Things (IoT) with low cost and energy efficient device2cloud connectivity.

Sigfox 0G technology harnesses the Power of Low to deliver Massive IoT Energy efficient, long-range, small data packet, low cost, simplicity and security.

UnaBiz strengthens Sigfox 0G Technology

In May 2022, UnaBiz decided to step in to acquire the Sigfox 0G technology. UnaBiz is now working closely with its ecosystem of partners to integrate Sigfox connectivity into cost effective fit-for-purpose solutions to simplify Massive IoT and deliver a strong return on investment to customers.