The Built-In Automatic Radio Recognition Module Revolutionizes Global Supply Chain and Logistics Industry

Berlin, Germany –October 24th, 2018-LITE-ON Technology Corp. (TWSE: 2301) announces that it is cooperating with Sigfox to roll out the LITE-ON “Monarch” certified solution powered by STMicroelectronics dual-radio BLE + LPWAN chipset. The new solution will be showcased at the annual Sigfox CONNECT event, previously the Sigfox World IoT Expo, on Oct 24th to 25th in Berlin, Germany.

LITE-ON’s Sigfox “Monarch module WSG309S” is built with Sigfox plus Bluetooth 5.0 and powered by an ST S2-LP ultra-low-power radio and BlueNRG-2 Bluetooth low energy SoC chipset. With a single module, Monarch enables device makers to operate in all Sigfox Radio Configuration (RC) zones seamlessly, including RC1 (Europe), RC2 (US), RC3 (Japan), RC4 (APAC), RC5 (Korea) and RC6 (India). 

Sigfox Monarch Service Revolutionizes Tracking in Global Logistics Industry

“ We are very excited at Sigfox about this achievement that accelerates the mass production of Sigfox Monarch enabled modules and devices. The collaboration between LIteON and ST demonstrates again the strength of our ecosystem allowing to support the demand for the Sigfox technology and its global network. That is true in markets like Logistic and Supply chain that require LIteON optimized devices and high volume manufacturing capabilities.” said Raouti Chehih, Chief Adoption Officer at Sigfox.

For 2020, Statista* estimates that the number of global connected devices will grow to 31 billion. The unique radio recognition of Sigfox Monarch will automatically adapt the connected IoT devices to local radio frequency standards across all supported countries, enabling data to be sent all over the world. More importantly, the Sigfox Global networking and the availability of the Atlas geolocation service will enable tracking and remotely monitoring the position of any object or asset, without an additional Wi-Fi or GPS device, enabling an unprecedented operating lifetime of a battery-operated localization device.

Applauded for bringing a revolutionary breakthrough in LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) technology, Monarch is already being deployed in the global supply chain and logistics industry for more efficient and effective asset tracking as well as automated maintenance for shipping, aircraft and railway transportation.

* According to Statista, for 2020, the installed base of Internet of Things devices is forecast to grow to almost 31 billion worldwide. The overall Internet of Things market is projected to be worth more than one billion U.S. dollars annually from 2017 onwards.

LITE-ON and ST Cooperation Accelerates IoT Applications

Designed with the ST S2-LP ultra-low-power radio and BlueNRG-2 Bluetooth low energy SoC chipset, LITE-ON’s Sigfox “Monarch module WSG309S” speeds the design of IoT devices that can seamlessly connect to the Sigfox Global network. The dual-radio chipset offers a generous 256KB of embedded Flash memory and a highly efficient Arm® Cortex®-M0 core to run user-defined application code. The module can be easily configured, provisioned or upgraded over-the-air thanks to the BLE 5.0 radio link, using a smartphone App. A full-featured set of input and output peripherals and the availability of an easy-to-use Software Development Kit make it possible to build a value-added smarter always-connected real-time device for remote monitoring, industrial asset management, geolocation and tracking devices.

“ST recently made available the industry first dual-radio reference design fully-certified for Sigfox Monarch global networking. The dual-radio kit is powered by the S2-LP ultra-low-power long-range sub-1 GHz RF transceiver and BlueNRG-2 Bluetooth low energy SoC. Now, LITE-ON’s new module portfolio, based on our Monarch reference design, offers a readily available certified solution to the market,” said Marco Veneri, Low-Power RF Marketing Manager, STMicroelectronics. “The LITE-ON module portfolio will greatly simplify the adoption of Sigfox Global networking and Bluetooth LE connectivity for industrial asset management and remote monitoring markets, enabling a new world of smarter Sensor-to-Cloud applications.”

“We value working with Sigfox to scale up its ecosystem, bringing mass IoT application to reality. We look forward to utilizing Sigfox service that brings better applications for a smarter life,” said Steven Wu, General Manager, Internet Communication Modules (ICM) Strategic Business Unit, LITE-ON Technology Corp.. The ICM Strategic Business Unit has demonstrated a proven record in wireless communication modules manufacturing. In addition to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology, ICM has targeted LPWAN communication, including Sigfox.

About LITE-ON Technology Corp.

Founded in 1975, LITE-ON (TWSE: 2301) has dedicated itself to becoming “Best Partner in Opto-Electronic, Eco-Friendly and Intelligent Technologies.” It is the first-listed company in the opto-electronics manufacturing sector in Taiwan. In 2018, LITE-ON has also been accredited “Top100 Global Technology Leaders” by Thomson Reuters.

Since its inception, LITE-ON has focused on the development of optoelectronics and key electronic components, striving to build up competitive edge through resource integration and optimized management. LITE-ON manufactures products used in a broad range of applications, such as computers, communications, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, LED lighting, cloud computing, industrial automation. In recent years, LITE-ON has been shifting its production focus from IT and communication towards IoT (Internet of Things) applications such as cloud computing, LED lighting, automotive, biotech, and industrial automation.