[Webinar] Streamline your Supply Chain with seamless outdoor & indoor tracking

Your challenge is to know where your cargo is. When it’s on the move in a trailer or a container. When it’s stored in a warehouse.

Outdoors, geolocation is easy to get. But indoors, when satellites are out of sight, alternative location technologies are needed.

By combining Wifi and Sigfox network infrastructure, in partnership with ALPS global device manufacturer, IBM has set up a simple and cost-efficient solution that succeeds in seamlessly tracking any shipment along the supply chain, in both outdoor and indoor environments.


In this webinar, you’ll discover:

  • The real geolocation needs of supply chain management
  • How simple network based and Wifi geolocation works
  • How simple the architecture of a Sigfox+Wifi tracking solution is
  • What’s specific in a Sigfox+Wifi tracking device
  • How full visibility on logistics flows benefit your organization


Who should attend?

  • Manufacturers’ supply chain managers
  • 3rd party logistics professionals
  • Carriers operation managers
  • Returnable Transport Items (RTI) renters
  • Courier, Express & Parcel transportation service providers



Christophe Didier - IoT Technical Director France
Frank Sauber Sigfox

Christophe Didier - IoT Technical Director France

Sascha Kunzmann - Senior Manager Europe

Frank Sauber - Director Ecosystem Partners


Christophe Didier has been working on complex integration projects for the last 25 years as a Specialist, a Technical Project Manager, an Architect and a Subject Matter Expert. He was appointed Executive Architect in 2013 and is the Technical Director for IoT (Internet of Things) at IBM France with a strong experience on Smarter Cities and Manufacturing. He has spent 16 years at IBM Global Business Services, analysing mainly EAI, SOA, BPM, Cloud, Analytics issues, designing and implementing innovative solutions for customers in the Industrial and Public sectors.

Sascha Kunzmann is the Senior Manager for Alps in Europe responsible for the strategic business development which includes the industrial IoT activity for Condition Monitoring and Asset Management Devices. Previously Kunzmann was the long-term responsible Head of Sales for the ALPS automotive business serving the German premium car manufacturers such as Audi, BMW and Daimler. ALPS is a leading global manufacturer of electronic modules, supplying some 40,000 different products to around 2,000 B2B customers for the Automotive, Smartphone and the professional Industrial world.

Frank Sauber joined Sigfox January 2017 to drive the global going-to-market initiatives of Sigfox’ ecosystem partners. Frank has an over 20 years history in leading sales and marketing teams at Microchip, Atmel and Infineon. Sigfox is the world’s largest dedicated wireless network provider for connecting simple, low-powered, low-cost Internet of Things (IoT) devices to the Internet.

Date & Time

Even if you couldn't attend this webinar on Tuesday 4/12/2018, you can still watch the replay!




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