Published on 12.03.2018


VPN Tools Development Internship



We are looking for a Padawan (also known as intern) for a 6 months assignment based in Toulouse. You will study the different components of the system, and develop tools to interact with them in order to ensure consistency between them, monitor real-time tunnel status and follow changes that occurred in the past, and facilitate operation of the whole system.



SIGFOX operates a network of Base Stations deployed worldwide. Those Base Stations are connected to the SIGFOX Cloud through the Internet, and Virtual Private Network (VPN) technologies are thus required to secure communication. Following a recent technological change to scale better, we have deployed some tools to monitor the status of tunnels and Base Station connectivity, as well as the operation of the whole system, that relies on multiple components (IPsec servers, cluster management software, DNS with a database as a robust backend, etc.). This system is going into production and will ensure the interconnection between Base Stations and the Cloud for the coming years.



As a Padawan you will :

  • Study the different components of the deployed system to figure out interactions between each other

  • Develop/improve tools to bring monitoring and operation of the whole system to the next level of details and precision. This includes tools to check consistency between the system components and correct potential deviation, as well as tools to follow status at the granularity of a given tunnel.

  • Collaborate with other teams to test and validate the tool and make it ready for deployment. Your results will help for both operation, monitoring and troubleshooting the whole system, thus contributing to the high availability of the SIGFOX network.



  • System and programming skills : GNU/Linux, scripting (Bash), Python

  • Good knowledge of networking and monitoring: IP, Internet, VPN, IPsec

  • Curiosity about cluster management technologies (Apache Zookeeper, etcd), and highly available infrastructures…

  • Scientific approach: observe, make hypothesis, test, analyse, document…




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